Yesterday we asked: who was Kurt Angle talking to on last week's episode of Raw? It pretty much came down to two names, Dixie Carter and Stephanie McMahon, with Dixie getting more of your votes. Despite Stephanie's involvement most likely leading to a SummerSlam match between Angle and Triple H, you guys thought Dixie would at least be something fresh to add to the product.

An illegitimate son came up a number of times too, with names like Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, and Corey Graves as some of the picks. Nikki Bella, which would be a link to get a match between Angle and "Free Agent" John Cena. Also, Big Show.

Thanks for the responses, here are some of the top comments:

Bo Dallas' Belly:
"I think the Corey Graves illegitimate son angle in the most likely scenario given that it seems the only way Graves constant involvement in the storyline can be explained, but then again this is WWE. They'll probably have it be a completely different scenario with no logic or explanation as to why Graves was so involved."

"The secret doesn't matter because there is a 95% chance it will be stupid."

Bork Laser:
"He will reveal James Ellsworth as his illegitimate son."

"Would be cool if it was a TNA takeover storyline with Dixie and Kurt leading AJ, Joe, and Roode."

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