- Above, Goldberg took out the tag team, La Resistance (Rob Conway and Rene Dupree), with a spear and a Jackhammer. Goldberg then went to the outside, snapped the French flag over his knee, and held the US flag up high as he walked around the ring.

- Today, former 2-time ECW Champion Bobby Lashley turns 41 years old. Lashley currently works for GFW and lost in the main event to Alberto El Patron at Slammiversary XV in a GFW/Impact Wrestling Title Unification Match.

- NXT Referee Drake Wuertz showed off his shredded look, thanks to his CrossFit routine. Even NXT Wrestler Drew McIntyre applauded his efforts, making note of Wuertz's busy schedule. Wuertz retired from pro wrestling in 2014 to sign on full-time as a referee with the WWE that same year.

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