Lucha Underground On The El Rey Network
Season 3 Episode 27 "Fade to Black"
Filmed At 'The Temple' In Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California

Here is the synopsis for tonight's show entitled "Fade To Black"
The Cueto Cup continues; Vampiro gives counsel to Prince Puma on his match; Johnny Mundo introduces his agent to the Worldwide Underground

The episode begins with a video teaser for tonight's show. Scenes are shown from Cage's recent murder of Councilman Delgado, and his first round victory in the Cueto Cup over Vinnie Massaro. Also highlighted in the video is Son of Havoc's 1st round win over the mysterious Son of Madness, and Prince Puma's proclamation, that he will not lose in the tournament.

The opening scene shows Prince Puma outside the Temple on the rooftop. In the backdrop is a Lucha Underground billboard. A question mark is spray painted on the billboard. Puma is hearing voices and starts having flashbacks of what has transpired for him at LU. Clips are shown of Konnan's demise at the hands of Mil Muertes and Vampiro's recent remarks to Puma..... Puma is then approached by Vampiro. Vamp says that Puma is looking for peace and quiet, but that he is mistaken because there is only one way to quiet the voices, and that's by winning The Lucha Underground Championship. Vampiro calls winning the LU championship, Puma's only purpose and that the visions, he is having will consume him until there is nothing left. As Vamp walks away from Puma, Worldwide Underground is shown arriving to The Temple. Puma starts having flashbacks of Johnny Mundo retaining the title over him. PJ Black notices Puma on the roof and flips him off. Puma then pauses after Black leaves, He speaks out loud and tells his "master", that he will not lose no matter what.

Inside the Temple, Matt Striker and Vampiro are on commentary. They intro and hype tonight's second round matches in The Cueto Cup Tournament.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Secondd Round- Group B
Cage vs. Pindar w/Kobra Moon

Cage advanced to this point by defeating Vinnie Massaro in round one..... One third of the LU Trios champs Pindar, defeated Mascarita Sagrada to advance to this round.... Cage is instructed by the referee Justin Borden to take off his iron glove. Cage refuses and slugs the referee. When Cage attempts to hit his finisher on Pindar, The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Cage.

Pindar defeats Cage by disqualification to advance to the quarterfinals of The Cueto Cup tournament

Cage attacks Referee Justin Borden after the match. Cage hits Borden with his Drill Claw vertical suplex driver and storms off.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Second Round- Group D
Dante Fox vs. Son of Havoc

Fox defeated El Dragon Azteca in round one.... Son of Havoc defeated Son of Madness.... Before this match can even start, Havoc is attacked on the Temple stairs by his mysterious rival Son of Madness. Both Sons brawl into the crowd. Madness strikes down Havoc with a steel chain. Dante Fox watches this chaos from inside the ring. He is laughing while all of this is happening. It appears that he is going to advance without having to wrestle. Dario Cueto steps out of his office and says that the Cueto Cup must continue and that he will not postpone this match. He addresses a fallen Havoc and challenges him to get in the ring and still fight. Cueto gives him the option to quit but Havoc refuses. He gets back up and makes his way to the ring.

The believers in The Temple are heavily behind Havoc. He tries to overcome and compete despite being injured. Dante Fox doesn't let up and beats down on Havoc. Moments later, Fox leaps over the ringpost and onto Havoc in an epic looking spot.

Havoc manages to battle back and both men go through several great looking sequences. When Dante attempts to leap onto Havoc again on the outside, He gets caught in mid-air in a body scissors position and then flung into the steel barricade. Havoc gains control for the next few minutes. It's simply the quiet before the storm, as both Fox and Havoc put on a great display of athleticism in the next few minutes. Havoc gets a near victory with a leaping cutter. Fix hits a pretty looking senton dive for a near fall of his own. The pace of the match picks up even more, if that's possible.

The final sequence of this exciting match sees a flurry of high impact moves hit by both men. Havoc hits a crazy looking death valley driver off of the ring apron and onto the ringside floor. When Havoc tries to finish off Fox through the air, Dante moves out of the way and it all ends when Dante Fox comes out on top after hitting his Fox catcher to secure the victory.

Dante Fox defeats Son of Havoc to advance to the semifinals of The Cueto Cup Tournament

When the show returns after the last epic match, Johnny Mundo is backstage with the Worldwide Underground. PJ Black has been called to an impromptu meeting before his match with Prince Puma tonight. Mundo ends up introducing the newest agent for WU "Benjamin Cooke". He is a short old heavy set man. Mundo seems to love him but Black doesn't understand why they need an agent. Cooke tells Black that his comment is precisely the reason, why Worldwide Underground needs representation. Black takes offense to this but Cooke calms him down. Cooke sells himself on why he should be WU's agent. He botches Mundo's name and doesn't recognize Ricky Mandel. Cooke pitches advertising deals for them and calls LU a fight league. Benjamin promises that WU will own LU with him as the agent.

A Pentagon Dark/Melissa Santos Modelo Beer ad airs during the break.

Back in The Temple, Striker and Vampiro hype next week's action in The Cueto Cup. The Group A matches are highlighted by the second round matchup of Pentagon Dark and Drago.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Second Round- Group D
Prince Puma vs. 'The Darewolf' PJ Black

The argument can be made that this was the best match in the history of Lucha Underground. Puma under this alias has had several standout matches in his young career. This is by far, PJ Black's best in ring performance to date.... Things start off slow on the mat with some adept chain wrestling by both men. The pace of the match picks up with both men showing off their athletic ability. Black and Puma operate at a break neck pace. Early on, Puma hits a nice looking tilt a whirl backbreaker. He steps up the aggressiveness and hits Black with some really stiff strikes. The crowd applauds during this sequence. Black battles back with a spike rana into the turnbuckles. PJ then hits a dragon suplex and transitions it nicely into a dragon sleeper. This is followed by a series of multiple combo moves by Black, leading into an arm bar submission. Moments later PJ lays out Puma with a stiff spinning heel kick. Black controls the action for the next few minutes until Puma rallies with a rolling thunder spike DDT. Puma then follows that up with a standing shooting star press.

The stellar action continues with both men trading some heavy strikes. Puma counters Black during an exchange and slaps on a rear naked choke but Black counters out and hits a brainbuster for a near fall. After some more counters and reversals from both men. Puma hits a wicked cutter/cradle drop suplex for a near pinfall. More quick paced combo offense from Puma. Black somehow survives this barrage. PJ hits a cutter of his own on Puma and then connects with his 'wellness policy' front face suplex for a very close pinfall victory.

More brutal striking exchanges occur between both men. Puma and Black empty out their entire arsenal of leg and arm strikes. Prince wins the long striking exchange. He then connects with a northern lights suplex and floats over into a brainbuster. PJ battles back with a springboard martial arts kick and follows that up with a moonsault for a near fall. Moments later, Puma blocks PJ, when he attempts to leap onto him from the top rope. With Black slumping on top, Puma ascends up there and hits a sick looking reverse rana. Black manages to kick out after this high impact move. Both men battle back to the top rope again. PJ Black starts getting some chants in his favor from the crowd..... Puma connects with an amazing looking top rope frankensteiner on Black. PJ kicks out again. Prince Puma goes in for the kill. He hits a running double foot stomp that sends Black halfway across the ring. This sets him up for the finish as Puma hits the 630 splash from the top to secure the victory.

Prince Puma defeats PJ Black to advance to the semifinals of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Puma celebrates his victory in ring as the crowd gives him a standing ovation. Striker closes the action in the Temple by hyping the conclusion of the second round next week..... As the camera pans to another part of the Temple. Dario Cueto answers the phone in his office. Cueto is agreeing with the other person on the line. He gets off the phone as PJ Black walks in. Black asks Cueto why he wanted to see him. Cueto tells Black that his new agent Benjamin Cooke has been calling him repeatedly on behalf of PJ. Cueto says that he is sorry that Black has been eliminated from the tournament but Mr. Cooke has given him another idea. Cueto says that Black will get a chance to redeem himself by facing off with #1 contender Rey Mysterio Jr. next week. After Cueto and Black's conversation ends, Benjamin Cooke calls Cueto again and Dario just throws his cell phone into the garbage.

Here are the updated results for The Cueto Cup tournament:

Group A
1st Round
* Drago defeated Aerostar
* Pentagon Dark defeated Argenis
* The Mack defeated Mala Suerte
* Texano defeated Famous B

2nd Round
* Drago vs. Pentagon Dark (next week)
* The Mack vs. Texano (next week)

Group B
1st Round
* Cage defeated Vinnie Massaro
* Pindar defeated Mascarita Sagrada
* Marty The Moth defeated Saltador
* Fenix defeated Mariposa

2nd Round
* Fenix defeated Marty The Moth Martinez
* Pindar defeated Cage by disqualification

Group B Final
Fenix vs. Pindar

Group C
1st Round
* Paul London defeated Vibora
* Mil Muertes defeated Veneno
* Jeremiah Crane defeated Killshot
* Taya defeated Joey Ryan

2nd Round
* Mil Muertes defeated Paul London
* Jeremiah Crane defeated Taya

Group C Final
* Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane

Group D
1st Round
* PJ Black defeated Sexy Star
* Prince Puma defeated Ricky Mandel
* Dante Fox defeated El Dragon Azteca
* Son of Havoc defeated Son of Madness

2nd Round
* Dante Fox defeated Son of Havoc
* Prince Puma defeated PJ Black

Group D Final
* Prince Puma vs. Dante Fox

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