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Tonight's episode features a match for the number one contendership to the NXT Championship between Drew McIntyre and Killian Dain. We also see the in-ring return of Ember Moon after a somewhat lengthy injury hiatus.

- Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show and the rest of the crew run down tonight's card. We go straight to the ring for our first match.

Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot

Nice reaction for the in-ring return of Moon. Crowd split with dueling chants as they both trade pinning combinations. Quick slap of hands as a sign of sportsmanship. Head scissors take over from Moon. Moon bounces Riot off the ropes who turns it into a monkey flip. Ember lands on her feet as the Full Sail crowd chants "women's wrestling" in approval of the opening sequence. Riot offers a test of strength and Moon accepts. Moon gets the initial advantage, but Riot reverses into a rana. Unique submission from Moon but Riot able to slip out. Riot with a string of elbows and a suplex. Two count. Sweet back breaker to a flatliner combo from Moon gets a near fall as we go to break.

We're back and the action hasn't slowed down. Riot able to knock Moon to the mat and delivers a top rope senton that looked quite stiff, but still only a two count. Riot goes for a running knee into the corner but nobody home. Riot tries to recover but Moon picks her up for a spinning side slam. Moon heads up top, but Riot staves off the aerial effort. Riot joins her up top and hits a Frankensteiner. Another kick out by Moon. Riot can't believe it and attempts to work the shoulder, but gets denied. Strikes laid in by Riot, but Moon stops a boot and turns it into a big right hand. Shotgun kick from Moon rings out through the building. Another slam makes Riot loopy as Moon sends her to the corner for her roll-through clothesline. This is the precursor to one of the best finishers in wrestling, the Eclipse. One, two, goodnight.

Winner via Pinfall: Ember Moon

- Coverage from earlier today of Kassius Ohno meeting the media. Hideo Itami comes in and asks if Ohno asks about making a match. Ohno says he made a match with Itami, to which Hideo replies several not so nice things in Japanese and kicks a trash can upon exit.

- Vignette for the Street Profits, who will debut in just a few weeks.

Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch

To quote Good Ole JR, this one should be a slobberknocker. Collar/elbow tie up and Burch sends Lorcan to the corner. Break made at four and a half. Bit of a staring contest to which I'm not sure who won. Another tie up and corner break of a similar manner. Ice has been broken as well as Lorcan's jaw after Burch's right hand. Second rope missile drop kick from Burch followed by a draping neckbreaker dubbed the "Tower of London." Lorcan up out of nowhere and nails a swinging neck breaker and a diving upper cut. The strike breaks Burch's nose and they face off forehead to forehead. Monstrous strikes from both guys and we have ourselves a brawl. Huge lariat and power bomb by Burch but only a two. Burch dodges a dive from Lorcan. Oney able to roll back through and cinch in a single leg crab and Burch taps.

Winner via Submission: Oney Lorcan

- After the match, the two shake hands. Upon leaving, Burch pulls Lorcan back to him and asks for one more match. The crowd wants it to happen and so does Lorcan, who agrees.

No Way Jose vs. Cezar Bononi

As much as Jose is a crowd pleaser, Bononi is an absolute specimen. Jose with the typical match starting antics, but Bononi having none of it. Beautiful standing drop kick from Bononi but only a one count on the early cover. Jose fights back after reversing some muay thai kicks. Slaps, hip toss, and clothesline takes down Bononi. Jose goes to the corner, winds up for the pitch, pops Bononi up, and throws a strike.

Winner via Pinfall: No Way Jose

- After the match, we see Andrade "Cien" Almas taking orders from Thea Trinidad. Almas takes out the already downed Bononi and Jose comes in for the save. Almas exits stage left with Trinidad.

- We saw Killian Dain getting ready for the match earlier. We take a quick look at Drew McIntyre and the main event to crown a new #1 Contender is next!

Drew McIntyre vs. Killian Dain (#1 Contendership Match)

Big reaction for McIntyre. Enjoy the individualized music they've been rolling out for each SAnitY member. We all know the Scotch and Irish don't really adore each other, and it shows here. Let the hoss battle commence. Feeling each other out early as they trade advantage on a tie up. Shots made to Dain who gets left in the corner. McIntyre up top early in the match and lands a clubbing forearm to send the big man down. When following up, Dain pops up and hits a low cross body to send McIntyre reeling as we go to break.

We're back and Dain with the upper hand. He slings Drew to the corner for a rough back bump into the turnbuckle. Dain relentless with a series of elbow drops, including a cat-like leaping drop to cap it off. Short two count made, Dain attempts another pin, same result. Dain with cross faces and pointed elbows. Crowd still not quite sure how to feel about Dain. Another big shot and two count. Dain torques away at McIntyre's neck like he was removing the lid from a YETI tumbler. Now Dain just rubbing McIntyre's head into the canvas. The crowd gets into it for a bit to get behind McIntyre. Jaw breaker creates space, but not for long. Big clothesline takes the Scotsman down. Dain uncharacteristically heads up top, but McIntyre reverses into a huge power bomb. McIntyre drapes his arm over Dain for a cover and a two. Big boot by McIntyre and he follows up with a bevy of strikes. Impressive feat of strength from McIntyre to hit a Fit Finlay drop. McIntyre sets up for his finish, but gets caught by a slam and Vader Bomb from Dain for a two. McIntyre goes for a double underhook, but Dain reverses into a fallaway and bridge for a near fall. Another power bomb from Dain to no avail. We head up top once again. This time Dain hits a gargantuan Fisherman's Suplex, hooks the leg, and kick out. McIntyre hits FutureShock, and Dain kicks out at ONE! McIntyre hits his running single leg finish, but Dain pops up without a cover. Dain begs for more, and McIntyre delivers with the Claymore again. This time we get a victor.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Drew McIntyre

- McIntyre yells into the camera with a message for Roode. He says this is no longer Roode's NXT, and that he's coming for him and his bloody title.

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