Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English

Aiden English is in the ring under a spotlight as fans boo. English introduces himself and sings a song but the boos continue. English is interrupted as the music hits and out comes Tye Dillinger. Tom Phillips welcomes us. He's joined by JBL and Byron Saxton.

The bell rings and the "10" chants start up. They lock up and English applies a headlock. English drops Tye with a shoulder and poses for more boos. They trade holds and Tye sends English into the corner. Tye taunts English with a 10 and the chants start back up. English tries to come from behind but gets caught. English still takes control but Tye comes out of the corner and floors him. Tye stomps away in the corner as fans get behind him.

English quickly turns it around with a shot to the jaw from the apron. English comes right in and nails a knee that sends Tye into the corner head first. English unloads as fans boo. English keeps control and drops Tye out of the corner again. English stands tall and poses as fans boo some more. We go to break.

Back from the break and English is covering for a 2 count. English keeps control and grounds Tye in the middle of the ring. English sings a little song while keeping Dillinger grounded. Dillinger finally nails a dropkick as fans start to rally for him. Tye unloads but English avoids a Tye Breaker and retreats to the floor. Dillinger follows but English suckers him in. They end up back in the ring and Tye hits a big spinebuster for a close 2 count. They go to the top but English fights off a superplex. English headbutts Dillinger to the mat.

English nails a crossbody but Tye rolls through for a close 2 count. English avoids another Tye Breaker and plants Tye face first for a close cover. English throws a fit in the middle of the ring now. They trade shots and pin attempts. More back and forth. English nails the Director's Cut for the pin.

Winner: Aiden English

After the match, Aiden stands tall and celebrates as we go back to the panel.

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