Pro wrestling and MMA journalist Dave Meltzer was recently a guest on The LAW to discuss rumors of Brock Lesnar returning to fight for the UFC.

"There's definitely fire to the smoke," Meltzer said.

Despite reports that Lesnar may be entering the USADA testing pool to fight when his WWE contract expires in April, Meltzer reports that the UFC is reportedly targeting a Lesnar return fight for a late December pay-per-view. However, Lesnar must be in the USADA testing pool in the next couple of weeks to be eligible to fight as he has five more months of his suspension that was frozen when he retired from fighting.

"Well, UFC wants [a Lesnar fight] because UFC's having a bad year," said Meltzer. "I'd heard a couple weeks ago they wanted Ronda Rousey back and they want Brock Lesnar, they want another Conor McGregor fight this year. They've got a budget and this year has been terrible. They want some drawing power for the end of the year."

When asked if WWE, who hold the exclusive rights to Lesnar's services, would allow for him to fight again, Meltzer explained Vince McMahon dodged a bullet the last time they let him do it and came out alright. Because they made a deal for Lesnar to fight at UFC 200 while under WWE contract, Meltzer said he guesses they feel like they can do it again.

WWE did not come out of UFC 200 in a positive light as Brock Lesnar was hit with a USADA anti-doping violation after testing positive for the banned estrogen blocker clomiphene in an out-of-competition test and in-competition test. As a result, he was suspended for one year. When he retired, his suspension was frozen. Lesnar's victory over Hunt was overturned to a no contest. WWE had to admit they do not test Lesnar under their Wellness Policy because he's a part-time superstar.

As for Lesnar's potential UFC opponent, Meltzer noted it depends on what happens Saturday at UFC 214, but a name has been mentioned.

"Their idea is Jon Jones," said Meltzer "That's the name I was told."

Jones will face Daniel Cormier for the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 214 on Saturday. Meltzer believes UFC is grooming Jones, who pulled out of the main event of UFC 200 due to an anti-doping violation, to become a superstar. He's 30-years-old and the feeling is it would be a major coronation if he could beat Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar remains under WWE contract through April 2018.

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