- Above is the full match between Daniel Bryan and John Cena (with Triple H as the special guest referee) at SummerSlam in 2013. Bryan was able to win the WWE Championship, but his reign didn't last long as Randy Orton cashed in his MITB opportunity after Triple H gave Bryan a Pedigree.

- AJ Styles will be at the Cricket Wireless store located at 17472 Loraine Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, 44111 from 11am to 1pm on August 1. He will be signing autographs and taking photos on a first-come, first served basis.

- Via his Instagram, The Great Khali posted a photo of Vince McMahon and himself at this past Sunday's WWE Battleground PPV. Khali surprised the WWE Universe by appearing in the main event to help Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. WWE's video of Khali's return has reached nearly 4 million views on YouTube.

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