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Tonight's episode features a face off between current NXT Champion Bobby Roode and the challenger for his title at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, Drew McIntyre.

- Mauro Ranallo and the crew welcome us to the show. They hype tonight's card.

- Nikki Cross in the ring yelling oddities and the rest of SAnitY join her and call out AOP. The Authors answer the call, but only to be ambushed by a returning Eric Young. EY ties up Rezar to the guard rail with a zip tie while the rest of SAnitY takes out Akam. Rezar able to lift the railing out of its base and drags it to the ring, just to be pummeled by the group of misfits. SAnitY stands tall as Cross retrieves the NXT titles from the current champions.

- Recap of the Asuka/Ember Moon ordeal from last week. They will have a contract signing for their Women's Championship match next week.

- Vignette for the Street Profits, who debut next.

- Backstage with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay for an exclusive makeup tutorial. Ruby Riot is seen in the background, which the Iconic Aussies run down the eccentric star.

Metro Brothers (Chris & JC) vs. The Street Profits

Apparently trained by the Dudleys, these guys look more like Deuce and Domino. Nice pop for the Street Profits, who have gotten over nicely on the Florida house show loops. Chris and Angelo Dawkins start us off. Dawkins showing off the size and athleticism. Tag to Ford, who is a bit more fleet afoot and extremely agile. Chris Metro able to land a couple shots and send Ford into his corner for a tag to JC. Ford escapes and makes the tag to Dawkins, whos hot tag is pretty warm. They clean house with tandem offense for the fairly quick win.

Winners via Pinfall: Street Profits

- A look back at after last week's show, where Hideo Itami attempted to attack Aleister Black in the parking area. This interaction led to Mr. Regal making Itami vs. Black at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

- Speaking of Mr. Regal, he's in the ring with a microphone. He introduces the participants for the NXT Championship match at Brooklyn, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode. Like the subtle touch that Drew is dressed casually in t-shirt and jeans, while Roode is fully suit-clad with his own security. Roode says he hired the security to protect everyone, most of all from Roderick Strong. Roode "welcomes" Drew back to the company and revises the history of McIntyre's first WWE run. Roode says while McIntyre used to feel entitled, he IS entitled and doesn't need a second chance. Roode says he's accomplished everything he said he would do since coming to NXT, and it's his NXT, not McIntyre's or the universe's. Roode rags on McIntyre's previous moniker "The Chosen One," but Roode says he's simply "the one."

Drew's turn for a rebuttal. McIntyre said he thought this rich shtick was just a front or facade, but Bobby is just an ass who believes all the crap coming out of his mouth. Drew says after TakeOver, he'll be the next NXT Champion. Roderick Strong's music hits and Mr. Regal attempts to put a stop to whatever may happen. Strong stays on the ramp and says he respects Regal's rules. Strong says this isn't about the title, but the disrespect Roode has shown his family. Roode says he'll fight Strong and put the title on the line, but he has to go through McIntyre first. Roode trying to play games, but gets his way and McIntyre will take on Strong next week. If Strong wins, he'll get a shot at Roode after TakeOver, but the championship match will stay the same either way. Roode giddily summons his security detail for protection up the ramp.

- Kayla Braxton backstage with Johnny Gargano. They talk about his win last week and Brooklyn last year. He says he hasn't missed a TakeOver since, and doesn't plan to miss this one. He wants a match for the show that takes place in just under two weeks.

Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch

These two absolutely mutilate each other, and it's amazing. Crowd is hot for this rematch. Slightly slower pace to start out as each looks for the advantage. Collar-elbow tie up that neither man lets go of until the referee asks for the break, which they do cleanly. Boxer's pose again from both. Single leg from Lorcan to change levels but unable to cinch anything in successfully. Burch able to apply a cravat to Lorcan and keeps it locked in, negating any escape attempt. Finally a rope break, but Burch reapplies the crank. Burch using the veteran instincts to miss a leapfrog and turn it into a flapjack. Cover made for a two as we go to break.

Suplex by Lorcan welcomes us back from commercial and put on your earmuffs. Lorcan's chops are LOUD. Burch unable to miss a corner attack, but gets the boot up on the second try. Drop kick from Burch and a running corner attack of his own. Lorcan counters a draped stunner. Burch with a big lariat to slow down the man from Boston. Burch able to post Lorcan back up on the top rope for the stunner called Tower of London. Lorcan escapes a fireman's carry and lands a duo of uppercuts and a running blockbuster. Both men down. Upon regaining verticality, we have a challenge in the middle of the ring. A gentlemen's duel of sorts. Lorcan gets the best of the exchange and goes for the single leg crab. One leg not enough, Lorcan sinks in the Boston Crab. Burch reverses and turns it into a pinning combo for the three count.

Winner via Pinfall: Danny Burch

- After the match, Burch goes for the handshake, which Lorcan initially slaps away. He thinks better of it and they shake hands intensely after a quick standoff.

No Way Jose vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas (w/ Zelina Vega)

The great wrestling fan Papa Hales joins in the Jose conga line, which was a sight in and of itself. Jose goes for a tie up, but Almas not quite ready for action. Almas turns around into a waist lock, but Jose pops, locks, and drops his way out of the hold. The former Thea Trinidad pulls Almas out of the ring and refocuses her new interest. Almas with the shoulder tackle. Jose right back into a it with take over. Almas back out to regroup once again after he gets booted to the floor after his trademark pose in between the ropes. Almas takes down the man bun and takes Jose a bit more seriously. Big kick to Jose puts him down in the corner. Running double knees is executed. He goes for the cover, but is stopped by Vega, who says finish him. He then hits his hammerlock DDT for the victory, much to Vega's delight.

Winner via Pinfall: Andrade "Cien" Almas

- Almas and Vega celebrate their victory as they pooped on the party of Jose and the NXT Universe. Vega heads to the commentary table and grabs a mic. She says Almas deserves the spotlight, and there's no bigger spotlight than TakeOver. Vega says if Johnny Gargano is looking for an opponent, then he's got one now.

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