Did The Young Bucks Defeat The Golden Lovers At NJPW Strong Style Evolved?, Cody Causes Problems

The Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi) were able to defeat The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) at tonight's NJPW Strong Style Evolved. Here's how the match and post-match went down:

Nick and Matt Jackson wearing one of those weightlifting belts, much like Cody did earlier. Matt starting with Ibushi, but Matt wants Kenny. Omega tries to talk some sense into him, the two jaw back and forth, Matt ends up giving Ibushi a cheap shot and then tags out (lol). Ibushi and Nick get things start now. Nick trying to catch Ibushi but doesn't have much luck thus far. Kick sends Nick out and Matt in. Ibushi immediately kicks Matt in the back and he falls to the matt. Ibushi stomps away and Omega comes in to stop him. Matt ends up shoving Omega to the mat. Omega sent to the floor, swinging neckbreaker on to the knee to Ibushi. Omega sends Nick into Matt who was dangling over the top rope.

Omega charges up and looks to fly, but superkick by Nick stops that! Nick hops to the top rope and flips down to the Golden Lovers. Matt brings out a table and Nick tries to talk Matt out of going that far. Nick and Ibushi in the ring as Nick drives his opponent into the corner. Hangman neckbreaker/senton combo by The Young Bucks. Nick ends up getting bumped down to the floor, Ibushi hops to the top rope and drops down on him. Ibushi trying to tag out, Matt runs off and pulls Omega off the apron.

Omega tagged in, hits crossbody off the top rope. Nick with a hard back elbow. Ibushi and Matt in, hurricanrana on Ibushi. Matt gets another hard kick to the back, he's really selling that sore back now. Golden Lovers with some nice double team moves. Young Bucks on the outside golden moonsault by Omega, sounded like Ibushi jacked up whatever he was trying.

Samoan driver by Omega, flips on the second rope, Ibushi with running shooting star press, Omega with a second rope moonsault that partially catches Ibushi and finally, Ibushi hits a second rope moonsault. Omega and Matt in the ring, backbreaker on Matt while Nick almost begs him not to do that. Nick gets tagged in and lands a flurry of kicks on his opponents, bulldog/lariat combo to drop the Golden Lovers.

Nick going wild now with a lung blower on Ibushi, suicide dive out to Omega, and a big kick to Ibushi back in the ring, cover, two. Matt ends up getting stuck on the top turnbuckle, Ibushi tries for a superplex. Omega joins the party and we see stalled double team superplex! Golden Lovers head to the top rope for a move, but get stopped. Nick grabs the table and bridges it from the ring to the barricade. Matt up on the top rope, Nick telling him to take out Omega. He takes too long and Ibushi hits a bicycle kick to stop that. Omega sees the table and lifts Matt up into the one winged angel. Ibushi hops up from behind and hits a german suplex from the top rope! Cover, two!

Two v-triggers and a last ride powerbomb on Matt, but Nick saves the day. Ibushi with multiple kicks to Matt's chest, Ibushi tries for a standing moonsault, knees up. Matt gets a sharpshooter in. Omega works his way in punches him in the face. Matt wants more until Nick comes in and superkicks Omega to the mat. Omega on the floor, Nick with a crazy step up corkscrew senton. Matt gets the sharpshooter in again, but Matt's back gave out on him.

Young Bucks more bang for your buck on Ibushi, Matt with a diving elbow on Omega through the table! 450 splash on Ibushi, cover, two. Nick and Matt showing some frustration now. Ibushi fighting back against the Bucks, superkick! Omega in now, superkick on Nick. Matt gets caught on Omega's shoulder, superkick by Nick. Double pele kick by Ibushi and all four men are down. Matt and Omega in the ring now, piledriver on Omega. Matt removes the belt and start hammer Omega and Ibushi over the back. Red shoes tries to take it away, Matt yanks it away, Omega forearm to Matt's back. Omega picks up the belt now and tosses it aside. Knees to Matt's face, v-trigger attempt, spear by Matt.

Ibushi catches Nick and gives him a last ride through a table on the floor! Assisted tombstone on Matt, cover, 2! Crowd thought it was over. "New Japan!" chant. Omega with a powerbomb, cover, two. Ibushi yells at Omega to hit the v-trigger on Matt, which he does. One winged angel and he doesn't do it! Matt tells him to do it and he does! Pin, Nick breaks it up! Crowd went ballistic for that spot. Nick comes in with some offense, but gets disposed off. Matt ends up getting a golden trigger (stereo knees) to the face and that finally ends the match.

Winners: Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi via Pinfall

- Post-match, Omega checks on Matt. Nick back in the ring and talks with Matt as Ibushi and Omega get their hands raised. Omega and Ibushi celebrate a little bit in the ring while Nick watches over Matt. The Young Bucks give Omega a look as he heads out of the ring with Ibushi. Cody gets in the ring and he's heated! Cody starts yelling at Matt, Nick comes over and he gets shoved to the mat. Cody tosses off his jacket and Omega comes back to the ring to chase Cody off. Cody heads out to the back as the crowd boos him. Omega talks with The Young Bucks and extends a hand to help up Nick, they hug. Omega does the same for Matt who looked a little more hesitant. Matt ends up bouncing out of the ring, Nick helps him to the back.

- Omega gets on the mic, says sometimes friends have to go to war and sometimes they are causalities. He wishes he was more happy with the situation, but the silver lining is that the Golden Lovers are back and they are here to stay. He tells Cody he's going to beat him up in the very near future. They will up the ante at their next NJPW US show which will be bigger and better. Omega notes he may have a broken orbital bone and Ibushi has a busted lip. The two shake hands with the crowd as they head out.

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