Goldberg On Which WWE Legend He Wanted To Work With, The Rock Tops Box Office, Eric Bischoff Note

- Bill Goldberg made an appearance at The Last Great Colosseum in Bristol, Tennessee this past weekend. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke to members of the media and discussed how Steve Austin was a big influence on him.

"He was such a big influence through my rise through the ranks," Goldberg said, via The Augusta Free Press. "I didn't copy anyone…but I'd like to have shared the ring with him. He's the one I wanted to have an angle with."

- The Rock's Rampage dominated the weekend box office, grossing $34.5 million to take the top spot at the domestic box office. The movie had a massive $55 million opening in China, and is at $148.6 million worldwide. The movie was produced on a $120 million budget.

- The Daily Star has a story here about the North Korean government teaching their students revisionist history of World War 2. Eric Bischoff was quoted in the article, who discussed travelling to North Korea for the Collision In Korea event on August 4, 1995, which drew a reported 150,000 - 165,000 fans.

"We heard how the North Korean government was able to end World War 2 by defeating the Japanese," Bischoff said. "The North Korean government representatives who were with us were lecturing us Americans about how the North Koreans defeated Japan. People who were born after the 1940s have no idea that the US ended the war by dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In their educational system and the way they are conditioned and brainwashed, the North Koreans ended World War 2 and nobody has any idea that nuclear weapons were used by the US."

damien demento, Robert Hill and ProjectNine contributed to this article.


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