What Happened After WWE TV Tapings With The Miz And Samoa Joe?

The Miz teamed with Samoa Joe to face Kofi Kingston and Big E (w/ Xavier Woods) after Tuesday's WWE SmackDown / 205 Live tapings. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Brian Reed-Baiotto for sending the following:

The Miz spent about 5 minutes taunting New Day and telling Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E that no one there wanted to see them throw pancakes his way. Miz also did a Rick Rude style in-ring promo where he told people (especially fat people) to sit down and shut up so the ladies could enjoy seeing his body. He even called people "sweathogs" like Rude used to do.

Each member of the New Day were doing their sexual grinding motions towards Miz and Samoa Joe, but Joe wasn't having any of it. Joe went outside of the ring and allowed the Miz to make sexual motions on the canvas.

The match was more comedy than action. The Miz spent a lot of the match hopping on the ropes while Joe was in the ring. After about five minutes of action, Kingston knocked Joe out of the ring with Trouble In Paradise. Big E and Kingston then hit The Miz with the Midnight Hour to get the win.