The Miz Reacts To Lebron James Signing With The LA Lakers

The Miz might be billed from Hollywood, but he'll always be a Cleveland boy at heart. His Cleveland Cavaliers weren't able to pull down the NBA Championship this season, and now they're down a huge player in Lebron James.

The A-Lister appeared on ESPN's First Take last month where he put Lebron over as the greatest player of all time. He was also certain his Cavs were going to pull out the NBA Finals, but that didn't happen. Now The Miz appears to have a different disposition on things.

When Lebron James signed to a reported $153.3 million four-year deal with the LA Lakers, The Miz didn't seem to take it too well. His Cavaliers are losing their star player and The Miz needed some alone time. The eight-time WWE Intercontinental Champion wrote on Instagram, "Don't call, don't text, I need a minute."


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