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World Heavyweight Championship Match
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger charged Mysterio early, but Mysterio was able to dodge Swagger. Mysterio went for a moonsault on Swagger, but Swagger caught Mysterio and charged him into a corner. Swagger ran into the corner to nail Mysterio, but Mysterio moved and Swagger hit the corner and went outside the ring. Mysterio climbed to the top rope and came off with a flying sit-down splash onto Swagger outside of the ring. Swagger came back in the ring, and Mysterio jumped to the top rope. Swagger ran to the top and threw Mysterio to the canvas to gain control of the match.

Swagger continued to punish Mysterio in the ring and then threw Mysterio outside of the ring. Swagger drove Mysterio's head into the announce table and then threw him back in the ring. Swagger applied a knee bar. After several moments, Mysterio was able to kick his way out, but Swagger slammed Mysterio back to the canvas.

Swagger continued to use his size advantage and tossed Mysterio around the ring. Swagger went for his Swagger bomb, but Mysterio moved out of the way. Mysterio climbed to the top rope and came off with a seated senton. Mysterio was able to stay on offense and hit a split legged moonsault, but only got a two count.

Swagger regained the advantage when Mysterio charged him with a wheelbarrow suplex. Swagger then hit the gut-wrench powerbomb, but Mysterio was able to get his foot on the ropes at two. Swagger got Mysterio up on his shoulders, but Mysterio reversed it and rammed Swagger into the corner. Mysterio climbed to the top rope, and Swagger met him at the top and got Mysterio up in a powerslam from the second rope. Mysterio was able to reverse the slam into a DDT from the second rope, but Swagger was able to kick out at two! Mysterio then hit the 619 and went for the springboard splash, but Swagger caught Mysterio and put him in the ankle lock. Mysterio got to the ropes and Swagger broke the hold. Swagger nailed Mysterio with two Swagger bombs.

Swagger went for the ankle lock again but Mysterio's boot came off, after Mysterio had loosened his boot earlier in the match. Mysterio rolled Swagger up and was able to get the three count. Really good match.

Rey Mysterio (c) defeated Jack Swagger to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

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