Coming off his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this past weekend, Mick Foley is headed to Arizona for comedy shows on Thursday and Friday before heading to Waynesboro, VA for Top Rope Pro Wrestling's big "Night of the Superstars" event on Saturday. Foley will be signing autographs and will also participate in a Q&A at the event, you can get ticket information here.

Highlights from Foley's induction will air tonight on the USA Network at 10pm ET. During last Saturday's ceremony, Foley noted how he had never pinned Chris Jericho. Jericho made his way onto the stage, and Foley dropped an elbow on him as CM Punk counted three. It was a great moment that the crowd went nuts for. I spoke with Foley yesterday, and asked him if the elbow drop on Jericho would be the last time we'd see him in action.

"No more matches," Foley said. "I had to hesitate before even dropping that elbow on Jericho. He was probably hurting in the morning 'cause I thought, 'you know what? I'm not going to take any of this impact, it's all going on Chris.'"

Foley also noted that the spot wasn't something that they had planned beforehand.

"It came as a complete surprise to me, as did CM Punk coming out doing the very un-bad-guy thing with doing the three count and hugging me on stage. For that one night, there are no good guys and bad guys."

I will have more from my interview with Foley this week. You can check out a portion I posted yesterday where Foley discussed his induction and his reaction if it didn't air on tonight's special by clicking here. You can purchase tickets for his comedy shows in Phoenix and Flagstaff this Thursday and Friday, respectively, at this link.

You can get more information about the loaded Top Rope Pro Wrestling event in Waynesboro, VA this Saturday at this link. In addition to Foley's Q&A and signing, Robbie E. will be holding a wrestling seminar. Kevin Nash, Miss Tessmacher and Jake "The Snake" Roberts are also scheduled to appear.

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