Coming off his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this past weekend, Mick Foley is headed to Arizona for comedy shows on Thursday and Friday before heading to Waynesboro, VA for Top Rope Pro Wrestling's big "Night of the Superstars" event on Saturday. Foley will be signing autographs and will also bring his comedy show to the event, you can get ticket information here.

I spoke with Foley earlier today, who discussed being inducted last Saturday.

"It was really very gratifying," Foley said. "Gratifying and humbling at the same time to look out and see the current Superstars and Divas of the WWE, and the past legends, and really see people enjoying the speech. In addition to the other 17,000 who seemed to like it as well. You sometimes worry that the big moments won't live up to expectations, and this one exceeded them."

At one point last week, it appeared that Foley's induction would not be televised, as the USA Network aired a commercial for the event last week that didn't feature himself or Booker T. Foley noted that the plan was always for his induction to be aired.

"I shouldn't have let a rumor get to me anyway," Foley said. "But apparently I was always scheduled to be on the show and it was a USA commercial that led a lot of people to believe that only three inductees would be on the show. But in the end, if I watch the show and I'm not on it, I'm not going to let that take away from the experience. Really, as someone who performs in wrestling and in spoken word, the most important occasion is the moment. I was talking to the son of a very famous music producer last night who was saying that the most legendary concerts were the ones that were not televised. They live on in the minds and memories of the people who saw it. So even if my speech doesn't air on television, it won't take away from my fondness for that night. Besides, it will be on DVD in six weeks or so."

My full interview with Foley will be up this week. You can purchase tickets for his comedy shows in Phoenix and Flagstaff this Thursday and Friday, respectively, at this link. You can get more information about the loaded Top Rope Pro Wrestling event in Waynesboro, VA this Saturday at this link. In addition to Foley's comedy show and signing, Robbie E. will be holding a wrestling seminar. Kevin Nash, Miss Tessmacher and Jake "The Snake" Roberts are also scheduled to appear.

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