It appears as if the UFC and Conor McGregor are back on good terms, but according to TMZ Sports, there's still several major hurdles before they can finalize a rematch between McGregor and rival Nate Diaz.

UFC President reportedly stormed out of a tavern that he met Diaz at this afternoon after discussions between the two sides went south. Just a little over a month ago Diaz was locked in for a re-match against McGregor.

McGregor told ESPN that things between he and the UFC are stronger than ever after a meeting this week, and that he was more than ready to mend fences with the company so the two sides could do business again. McGregor infamously 'retired' last month, before backtracking on that statement. In reality, Conor McGregor wanted a lighter UFC 200 media schedule and was pulled from the show.

"Good conversation like it always is," McGregor told ESPN's Kenny Mayne of the meeting in an interview that airs on Sunday. "We have a good relationship. It is what it is. It happens. This is the fight game. Sometimes emotions get into it. But it's important to recognize that emotions have no place in business. That's essentially what it was last night. We just set it aside. There's no place for emotions in this. We are doing beautiful things. So let's continue. Let's fix it and let's continue."

Apparently things didn't go so hot as it pertains to the meeting with Diaz. Dana White issued a statement to TMZ, saying "Obviously I'm not going to disclose details of the deal, but let's just say my trip to Stockton didn't go well."

Diaz, however, posted a photo on Instagram of the meeting with White and Lorenzo Fertitta, so he doesn't appear to be too upset.

Chillin with @danawhiteufc @lorenzofertitta today in @stocktonca #suprisevisit #thehomies #209 #100 @visitstockton

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