Conor McGregor tweets and makes headlines. Sound familiar? It's become standard procedure at this point. Conor McGregor tweeted three weeks ago that he was retiring, only to be pulled from his planned UFC 200 bout against Nate Diaz. Needless to say, he isn't happy about it.

McGregor took to Twitter this afternoon to voice his frustration, and say that he's approaching his re-match with Diaz much differently, whenever it may be. He noted that his eating habits weren't the best going into the fight, and instead he'll go in light.

McGregor also mentioned that Diaz had made excuses for his performance during the first 8 minutes of the fight and that he would control the Stockton native on the ground. McGregor was in full 'Notorious' mode during the Twitter rant.

Answering several questions, Conor said that he holds virtually every UFC record, even claiming that he beat UFC 100's pay-per-view record. His sights were set on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao mark, which was over four million buys last year.

You can see McGregor's tweets below.

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