- The WWE Network posted the video above from Table For 3 with The New Day. In the video, the New Day discuss how they were formed. Big E mentioned the rumors that they would be a group like the Nation of Domination at first, which seemed to be the direction that WWE was headed in, as seen in the video below starting at the 2:30 mark:

Xavier noted that the idea of being in suits and being more intense was something that he had been pitching for himself, with the idea being to be an arrogant "I'm better than you" character since he had a PHD. Xavier then said that they started talking about adding Big E to the mix, and then they later debated for several weeks about adding Kofi Kingston, since he was already so established and had a connection with the fans. Xavier talked about nothing happening for several months before The New Day being presented to them. While they were apprehensive, Xavier noted that at least they had something to work with.

- Finn Balor posted the following on his wild past week:

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