Former WWE Tag Team Champions New Day appeared on the most recent edition of Talk is Jericho and explained Vince McMahon's unusual expectations for their tag team, including Vince thinking they would work as white meat babyfaces.

"When (Vince) did that podcast about millennials and grabbing the brass ring, he wasn't talking about us, because we were in his office every week for like three months," said Kofi Kingston. "It was frustrating, because we weren't getting any results. We taped our own vignettes that we showed Vince."

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Kofi said that New Day's original gimmick idea was to solve people's problems like the APA, but in a more positive manner.

"Vince chuckled, and nothing happened," said Kingston. During their next meeting, Vince pitched the idea that New Day would be preachers. The team didn't like the idea because it was too stereotypical.

"We didn't want to sing and dance. We feel like for African-American athletes, you're either singing and dancing, or you're the big strong black guy, or you're foreign," said Xavier Woods. Woods also said that McMahon inexplicably called him "Zeke" for several months.

Many had speculated that the plan all along for New Day was to be so obnoxiously pure as babyfaces, that it would get them over as heels, which ended up happening.

"We figured that if we threw smiling, clapping into this, it wouldn't take long for this to go heel. But we had to go ask if we could pull trigger on this. Vince was like 'I don't know why this won't work," said Woods. Kofi followed up by saying that Vince thought it was going to be the biggest babyface thing, and seemed disappointed when the heel turn had to happen.

You can listen to the full episode of Talk is Jericho at this link.

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