Claudio Castagnoli On Whether He Would Prefer To Chase AEW Trios Or ROH Tag Titles

When it comes to sharing success, Claudio Castagnoli embraces the concept of the-more-the-merrier.

During his appearance on the "AEW Unscripted" podcast on Spotify, the ROH World Champion fielded a listener's question on whether he would rather team with Wheeler Yuta and pursue the ROH World Tag Team Title or join forces with Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley and go after the Trios Title.


"Oh, man, that's a tough question,"Castagnoli said. "Let's say Danielson and Mox for the Trios Title because I feel like we need to get some gold on Bryan."

Castagnoli added, "Whatever benefits the Blackpool Combat Club, you know?"

The Blackpool Combat Club consists of founding members Danielson and Moxley, William Regal in a coach-like role, and Yuta and Castagnoli joining later. But Castagnoli still holds a special fondness for the period when he was Sheamus' tag team partner in WWE.

"I think that was probably the funnest three years, I think with him for about three years," he said, acknowledging that "we were not best friends. We were just like co-workers, cordial, and we talked. We were not best friends and we became best friends over those years and we are still best friends. That bickering back and forth, nonstop —they would tell us, 'Okay, we're going to shoot backstage, you guys argue, and then you do this.' We're like, 'Okay, cool.' We start and they're like, 'You guys can stop. We're not filming yet.' We're like, 'Oh, no, that's just us being us.' So, we had a great time, especially when we went internationally going to all kinds of football stadiums and stuff like that."


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