Tony Chimel Praises His New Non-Pro Wrestling Employer

If we learned anything from the Geoffrey Owens fiasco of 2018, it's to never mock a man for making an honest living at Trader Joe's. 

Appearing on the "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling" podcast, Chimel shared that after his multi-decade tenure in pro wrestling wrapped, "I didn't have anything going on for a little bit, and then got a job at Trader Joe's. I love it there, and the place is great, and life is good."


The New Jersey native, who now lives with his wife in Fort Myers, Florida, admits to having been caught off guard when he was released in 2020. "When the pandemic hit, I was willing to travel and do my shows and do job, and they started running shows in Orlando, and I offered to go there, and they were saying they didn't want me there," he shared with "TMPTW." "I finally got a call from Kevin Dunn saying I was let go." 

It might have been a blessing in disguise. "Sometimes you're married to the business and not your family," Chimel reflected on the podcast. And while "the business provided my family with a lot of good things," Trader Joe's has restored a bit of his work-life balance. So while he concluded by noting, "I'm always willing to listen" when it comes to new opportunities, the WWE vet emphasized, "I'm happy at Trader Joe's and surviving OK and home every day. I've probably seen my wife the last three or four years more than I had the last 38 years, and she hasn't killed me yet."


Oh, and you can always snag a video message from Chimel for the wrestling enthusiast in your life via Cameo.

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