AEW Dynamite Results (9/14): Grand Slam Tournament Of Champions Continues, AEW World Tag Team Title Match

This is Wrestling INC.'s results coverage of "Dynamite" for September 14, 2022!

Tonight's show will see the focus continue on crowning the next AEW World Champion after Tony Khan announced that CM Punk had to vacate the title last week following his AEW All Out victory. A tournament was created to determine who will be the next champion, with the finals set to happen at the upcoming "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam" show next week.

The tournament of champions will continue on "AEW Dynamite" this evening with both semi-final matches happening this evening. Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley had received byes to this round, while their opponents had to win matches to reach this stage. Jericho will be competing against Bryan Danielson tonight, while Moxley is set to collide against Sammy Guevara.

As well as that there will be a tag team match from AEW's women's division when former WWE Superstars Toni Storm and Athena team up to compete against Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Serena Deeb.

The match was originally set to see Storm team with Hikaru Shida, but Baker and Rebel attacked her on "AEW Dark" this week, ruling her out of the match. Meanwhile, Baker's relationship with Jamie Hayter continues to prove tumultuous, hence why they are not working together in this one.

Jungle Boy has also signed an open contract to compete against anybody on the roster this evening, and during a video shared on AEW's Twitter, it appears that former Ring Of Honor star, Jay Lethal is going to be the man to answer that, setting up a singles match between the two.

Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara (Semi-Final Grand Slam Tournament Of Champions match)

Sammy Guevara immediately heads out of the ring, and when he returns the Jericho Appreciation Society member chops the former AEW World Champion, and then beats him down in the corner. However, the 'Spanish God' takes too long bragging about it which allows Moxley to drop him with a King Kong lariat. The two men then start going back and forth with huge chops, but Guevara is able to goad Moxley to the outside, and he follows it with two big dives outside the ring.

Guevara takes the focus toward the steel steps, slamming Moxley head-first into them. Sammy continues the attack outside the ring, but Moxley fights back and launches him across the timekeeper's table before suplexing him to the floor. However, when they head into the ring Guevara cuts off Moxley and he then gets several shots in on his opponent. 

The Blackpool Combat Club member brawls himself out of the situation, dropping Guevara onto the ring apron. Moxley continues the attack, raking the back and then going in for a bite before hitting a butterfly suplex from the second rope. Moxley then looks for a submission but Guevara has other ideas and he goes for the Walls Of Jericho but Moxley wriggles out only to be dropped by a cutter – yet he kicks out. 

Guevara looks for the GTH, but Moxley has other plans and he reverses down into the Bulldog. Guevara tries to get out of it so Moxley starts dropping elbow attacks, but his attempt at another lariat is reversed with a Spanish Fly from Guevara, which gets him a near fall. Guevera looks for a high-risk move but gets cut off as Moxley hits an avalanche German suplex. 

Anna Jay and Tay Melo then make their way down to ringside, and this allows Melo to hit a low blow which is followed by a roll-up, yet Moxley kicks out! Guevara then misses with his senton attempt, and Moxley then goes for a pinfall himself but it doesn't work. They then go strike for strike with Guevera then hitting a knee striker and thrust kick. He attempts the GTH once again, but Moxley reverses into the Death Rider. 

Winner: Jon Moxley

Let's Hear From MJF

MJF says he hasn't slept in a week because last week Jon Moxley had a face with no fear, but he points out that he is not the same kid that he was when they first crossed paths. MJF says he isn't playing a character, Moxley is, and instead, he labels the former World Champion a joke. 

MJF read Moxley's book, and he liked the bit about his childhood as he was raised like the crowd tonight, uneducated, white trash scumbag from the sticks. MJF says the fact Moxley was bullied allowed him to put on a front, and that worked and led to a great character being created, which is why the fans chant his name. He doesn't buy it and MJF says Moxley is still the same scared little boy, but now he's old enough to drown his issues in alcohol. 

MJF gives Moxley credit for getting sober, he slayed his demons and defeated the disease, but MJF says his brain is far more dangerous. This is a message for Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson as well, and he claims bad things happen when you get in his way. He tells Moxley to take the vacation he planned, as he wouldn't want to be winning his AEW World Title, and MJF once again pushes that it is his title. 

MJF says he is that demon that will take everything away from Moxley, and he is a demon that he cannot slay. MJF says a group helped him secure his chip at AEW All Out, and he reveals they're a stable on retainer that is led by his best friend, Stokely Hathaway. Stokely says he flew to meet MJF some time ago, and he wanted to quit until he told him not to, as it was time to get what he wanted.

He says they're MJF's support system while they get more opportunities for themselves, and he says when MJF doesn't need them they will go different ways. Hathaway says he is just a friend with the connections to make anything happen, and he says blackmail turns him on. He then goes through each member and puts them over. He makes it clear that people either run with them, or against them.

Jungle Boy vs. Jay Lethal

Jungle Boy gets things started well here, catching Jay Lethal out with a dropkick, and he does so again with a couple of pinfall attempts, but the veteran kicks out each time. Jungle Boy manages to knock him to the floor, but as he goes for the suicide dive Satnam Singh stands in the way to block it. Instead, he goes to the top turnbuckle but Sonjay Dutt then provides a distraction, allowing Lethal to meet him there and then drop him onto the top ropes, focusing on his injured back.

Back inside the ring, Lethal keeps pushing that injury, placing his knee to the back as he presses Jungle Boy onto the ropes, following up with a snap suplex. The former tag team champion manages to fight back with a few chops, but the emotions get the best of him and Lethal regains control with a bodyslam. Jungle Boy explodes out of the corner again though, with both men falling down after. 

With the two on their knees, they start unloading forearm strikes and chops to each other as they get back up with Jungle Boy coming out on top with a flying elbow. He tries to lift Lethal up for a suplex, but his back gives way, and Jay attempts Lethal Injection but Jungle Boy avoids it and levels him with a lariat straight after. Once again Lethal ends up attempting a Lethal Injection, and while it is reversed again he does hit the Lethal Combination, which is followed by a tope suicida. 

Back inside the ring and Lethal connects with an Elbow Drop, but it's not enough to get the result. Jungle Boy fights back once more though, locking in the Snare Trap, but once again Dutt gets on the apron to provide a distraction, almost allowing Lethal to get a roll-up win. However, that doesn't work and Jungle Boy sets his submission in once more, and this time he gets the job done. 

Winner: Jungle Boy

A video package is then shown of HOOK and Action Bronson training for their upcoming tag team match. Bronson says next week they will whoop 2.0's ass. 

Luigi Primo is then shown backstage flipping pizzas but Ethan Page takes him out, only for Danhausen to appear. Page says he wants to be the king of the Atlantic, so on Friday, he may as well start with the jester.

Matt Hardy is then shown in a video package reacting to a recent stunt Darby Allin did. He says he respects Allin, but he's looking to scratch his way back to the top, and he challenges him to a match on Friday.

Swerve In Our Glory (c) vs. The Lucha Bros (AEW World Tag Team Championship Match)

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Matt DiMartino 

Powerhouse Hobbs squashes his opponent in the corner and then hits a Spinerbuster for a dominant victory. 

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

After the match, Hobbs brags about how quickly he beat Ricky Stars, and he says it is time to open up a new chapter in the Book of Hobbs, and it starts tonight. However, Starks is then shown coming down the steps, and he avoids some security and starts attacking Hobbs, spiking him in the face with a microphone. 

AEW World Tag Team Title Match 

The Lucha Brothers start the match out in control, but as Rey Fenix and Swerve Strickland end up on the top rope, it is the champion who comes out on top as Keith Lee tags in to drop the smaller man with a forearm and a chop. Despite that, the challengers work together well to hit a double team as Penta dives in and stomps on Lee's rear end as he then hits several punches in the corner. 

Fenix returns and starts chopping at the knees, but Lee snaps and just throws him into his corner, allowing Strickland to come in and lock in the Gory Special. Fenix hangs onto the ropes when he's thrown out of the ring, and he instantly hits Swerve with a boot as Penta then comes in and connects with a spinebuster, taking out Lee at the same time. Fenix tries to launch himself at Lee but he gets caught and then thrown into the other two men when a submission was locked in. 

Lee returns to action and drops Fenix with a backbreaker and Penta with a headbutt. The champions aim for the Swerve Stomp but the challengers fight back as Fenix nails a springboard Spanish Fly and Penta connects a Destroyer to Lee. Swerve pushes Fenix off the top rope when they try to capitalize, and inside the ring, Lee reverses the momentum of Penta to drop him to the mat and retain their titles. 

Winners (and still AEW World Tag Team Champions): Swerve In Our Glory

The Acclaimed then appear and say next week they'll become the champions. After the match, PAC is talking backstage, but he gets punched by Orange Cassidy who makes it clear he's going for the All Atlantic Title. 

Britt Baker & Serena Deeb vs. Toni Storm & Athena

Toni Storm and Serena Deeb start out going back and forth in nice chain wrestling, but the AEW Interim Women's World Champion quickly turns things around by unloading strikes in the corner. Athena tags in and then vaults to the corner with an elbow strike before slamming her down to the mat. However, the Professor showcases her skills with a dragon screw as Britt Baker then gets involved. 

Baker connects with a forearm strike and then sends Athena across the ring as she collapses due to her leg being hurt, which then happens again when Baker goes for another Irish whip. Baker hits a butterfly suplex and Deeb returns to action, who instantly targets the leg again until an enziguri from Athena leads to two tags. Storm comes charging in well, knocking Deeb to the floor as she hits a dropkick to Baker. 

She looks for a hip attack but Rebel pulls Britt out of the way, so she heads out, kicks Rebel, and hits a DDT to Baker at the same time. However, back inside the ring, Baker hits a slingblade, and tags are made as Athena and Deeb start throwing hands, but as Athena looks for a springboard she gets caught in mid-air as Deeb aims for an arm submission. Athena powers out though, hitting a knee strike as Storm dives in with a crossbody. 

Despite being in control, Deeb rolls through the move for a single-leg crab only for Athena to come in and start attacking her when the submission is locked. Baker comes in with a thrust kick to Athena, who then gets launched into the steel steps. Inside the ring Rebel distracts the official while Deeb sends Storm headfirst into a chair that Baker holds, and as she comes back Deeb gets a roll-up win. 

Winners: Britt Baker & Serena Deeb

After the match, Athena tries to fight against them both but it doesn't work out and she gets stomped on the head. Baker then tries to use a chair against them but Jamie Hayter comes down and pulls it off her. But, she doesn't hit Baker, she attacks Storm, only to then talk trash to Baker as their issues are clearly not over.

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho (Semi-Final Grand Slam Tournament Of Champions match)

Bryan Danielson comes out of the gate strong with tons of strikes in the corner which he follows with the running kick, but Chris Jericho begins to give as good as he gets with some chops of his own, only for Bryan to get back in a hold with his running kick in the corner. Danielson continues the attack, sending Jericho out as he then runs off the apron and nails him with a knee strike before launching Jericho into the ring post. 

Back inside the ring and Bryan connects with a diving headbutt to the back of Jericho's neck, but the Jericho Appreciation Society leader is able to kick out. The Blackpool Combat Club star then focuses on the arm, simply kicking it away. Bryan starts hitting his classic kicks, but Jericho then avoids one and hits a release German suplex, which he follows with a springboard dropkick sending Bryan to the floor. 

Jericho then springboards over the top rope to attack his opponent once more. When they get back inside the chops once again continue as their chests begin to light up, but then they hit the ropes and as Bryan contemplates his finisher, Jericho reverses and they both just collide in the middle of the ring. Despite that, Danielson starts doing press-ups, and he then pops up and begins throwing hands, but a kick to the sternum is followed by a Lionsault for Jericho.

The former AEW World Champion then commits too much, and he goes shoulder-first into the ring post because of it. However, Jericho responds well with a huricanrana from the top turnbuckle, but Danielson reveres the Judas Effect into a knee strike that he did. Bryan then sets in the Cattle Mutilation, and he then transitions that into his hammer and anvil elbows.

Jericho reverses though and he starts hitting the elbows themselves as they then get chopping and striking a lot until Danielson hits a Codebreaker! He follows that with the Busaiku Knee, but he's not able to get the win or the pinfall. The two of them end up on either side of the ropes, and Danielson ends up being suplexed to the floor, and while he lands it, the doctor is having to check on his ankle. 

Jericho attacks the area while Danirleson is with the doctor, pulling his boot off as Jericho wraps it around the ring post. Back in the ring and Jericho continues attacking that area as he then hits a knee breaker. Bryan keeps fighting though, even though he only has one ankle, and as he looks for his finisher his body gives up on him, which allows the Walls Of Jericho to be locked in. 

Jericho then gets sent into the second turnbuckle and instantly into a roll-up, but Jericho kicks out and then hits a dragon screw, allowing Jericho to put in the Figure Four leglock. They then start throwing hands in the submission, and Danielson transitions into the LeBell Lock, forcing a submission. 

Winner: Bryan Danielson

After the match Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring, and the Blackpool Combat Club members show respect with a handshake as they point to the title.