Booker T Names His WWE Mount Rushmore

When it comes to immortalizing wrestlers in granite, Booker T has a few thoughts on who could be honored in the WWE version of Mount Rushmore.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time world champion fielded a viewer question on his "Hall of Fame" podcast asking which superstars he would pick for a WWE Mount Rushmore. He started his consideration by eliminating himself.

"I'm not one of these Rushmore-like type guys," he said. "But as far as WWE Mount Rushmore, it would definitely be Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena and, probably, Triple H."

Booker's podcast co-host, "The BOAT" Brad Gilmore, questioned if The Undertaker should be included, to which Booker responded, "Of course, Taker." Gilmore also commented that Roman Reigns "was working on" getting himself into the Rushmore league, but Booker did not respond to the remark.

Regarding his Rushmore choices, Booker said: "Those guys, man, they did some extraordinary stuff. I got a chance to watch it from afar when I was at WCW, and I watched those guys create their magic. And I was in awe of what they were doing, and I wanted to be a part of it so bad. But I was happy at WCW making my money and not having to work in the cold cities. But I tell you, those guys, I'm serious, man, they did some amazing stuff back then and I had a hell of a time watching it."

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