Brian Gewirtz Weighs In On Whether Wrestlers Should Carry On Family Name

We've seen many second and third generation talent go by their family name, but some are either given a completely different name or choose to walk their own path. 

During an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, former WWE writer and current "Young Rock" executive producer Brian Gewirtz has weighed in on the debate of whether or not prospects with a family history in wrestling should stick with their birthname.


"I think it's unique to everybody and for some people it's worked really, really well," Gewirtz said. "Obviously it's worked well for Charlotte, worked well for Randy Orton," Gewirtz said of the multi-time second generation champions.

"I think, again, everyone's different. I don't know if David Sammartino would've wanted to have the onus of being Bruno's son versus putting his own spin and own character and that type of thing."

Gewirtz considers himself a "strong advocate for the talent themselves being comfortable in their own skin." Even recalling one former WWE Superstar's reluctance.

"I remember Joe Hennig, all he wanted to be was Joe Hennig," Gewirtz remembered. "He didn't want to be Curtis Axel and you could kinda tell that. For Joe, being Joe Hennig probably would've been better because we know he wanted to do that."


Gewirtz did mention one standout WWE tag team "that wanted to craft their own identity," the current Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. "They proudly point out being Rikishi's sons,and everything," Gewirtz continued, "but they're not defined by that. They're their own characters and human beings."