Dolph Ziggler Addresses Whether WWE Has Changed Under New Leadership

WWE's new regime of power is in full swing at this point, with Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan serving as co-CEOs and Paul "Triple H" Levesque in the role of Chief Content Officer. But does a seasoned veteran like Dolph Ziggler see any difference in how things are ran behind the scenes?


"I haven't really noticed anything different, you know? Everyone's like, 'Oh cool, someone else is calling the shots,' but it's still – it's all this group, team effort where everyone is pitching ideas," Ziggler told the "In The Kliq Podcast." ... There's a reason that some of us, even myself, after 18 years, come out looking good every night and make something happen or have some story advance or make some match awesome, it's not just cause of the work rate. We have these minds behind the scenes. So we're all like, 'Hey, is this going to be different? Are things going to change?' And what's happened is just I haven't noticed anything personally."

When Vince McMahon was still in charge of making the executive decisions, Ziggler went down to "NXT" to participate in a feud against current champion Bron Breakker. "In this situation, it was something for a month or two before where they were like, 'What do you think about this? Do you think this could work? Could you help this guy? Could you make this fun? And we thought about it and pitched ideas behind the scenes, several of us, and I said, 'You know what? This could be really fun. I can sink my teeth into something, go at it from a different angle, try something like being the guy that's busting onto someone else's show to talk trash on the champ and then have him coming out looking better in the end.'"