Malakai Black Addresses Wrestling Future At Independent Event

Malakai Black recently attended Prestige Wrestling's "Perseverance" event and provided an update on his future after requesting his release from AEW earlier this month. Per Twitter, the wrestler told the audience that he's taking time away for personal reasons, but he vowed to open up about his decision when the time is right.

"On a real note, I understand that all of you have questions. In due time, I will answer the majority of these questions. However, for the last 22 years of my life, I have never, not once, taken one step back and recalibrated my life. And took a chance to kinda look back at all of the stuff I've done in-ring, but also all of the stuff I've went through outside of the ring."

The former AEW and WWE star went on to say that he's been focused on advancing his career and reaching the next goal, as he always feared getting "stuck in one place" if he didn't pursue making an impact on a global scale. "If you wanna branch out, you gotta not be worried about the little things."

Black assured the fans that he has no regrets about his career and that they've made all of his hard work worth it. He also revealed that he needs some time to focus on himself. The performer is also unsure of how long he'll be away from the spotlight, noting that his hiatus could last either weeks or months. However, the 37-year-old concluded by saying that he'll be back at some point, promising fans that he'll see them again soon.