This Vintage Hulk Hogan Doll Is Worth A Ridiculous Amount Today

Hulk Hogan has and always will be an iconic name in the lore of professional wrestling. Many people would be hard-pressed to go to any adult who's followed wrestling for years and not have them mention Hogan as one of the names they grew up watching in the '80s and '90s. Whereas Sting has been famously known as "The Franchise of WCW," Hogan was the front-runner for the World Wrestling Federation when it came to branding for decades. Much of WWF's top selling merchandise likely had Hogan's name or face on it. From plates, napkins and lunch boxes to t-shirts, bandanas, TV shows and more, Hogan was the "needle-mover" for WWF in his heyday. 


While the likes of John Cena and Roman Reigns have long since supplanted "The Hulkster" as top sellers for the now-WWE in the new millennium, there are still times where Hogan can "drop the big leg" when it comes to fans and collectibles.

Hogan Action Figure Sells For Over $300

One such example comes from the reputable long-time eBay seller "I Had That – Toys and More" located out of Sewell, New Jersey, who recently sold a vintage 1990 WWF Hasbro Hulk Hogan 12-Inch Talking Figure, still factory-sealed, for $325 on September 3, 2022. 


This particular action figure was produced alongside a similar-sized talking Ultimate Warrior action figure, both made during the electric 1990 feud between Warrior and Hogan in WWF, which culminated in Warrior toppling Hogan at WrestleMania VI and becoming the first (and only) superstar in the company's history to hold both the WWF Heavyweight and Intercontinental championships at the same time.

This collectible certainly shows its age by featuring Hogan with a full head of hair and fast-talking drawstring action, but its pristine condition is nonetheless symbolic of the love and devotion Hogan has inspired in multiple generations of fans, even to this very day.