Max Caster Responds To MJF's Recent Comments On The Acclaimed

Max Caster has a unique habit of pushing MJF's proverbial buttons, and the scarf-wearing AEW star is losing his patience over it.

In an interview on "Rasslin'," host Brandon F. Walker was citing various AEW wrestlers for MJF's comments and eventually arrived at Caster's tag team, saying, "Everybody loves The Acclaimed, too." An unsmiling MJF responded, "Everybody loves The Acclaimed — except me."


When Walker held up his fingers in a scissor formation — a reference to The Acclaimed's now-classic "Scissor me, Daddy Ass" catchphrase — MJF brusquely responded "I'm not scissoring you", and then launched into a tirade against Caster.

"I detest Max Caster," MJF said. "Max Caster consistently makes sexual advancements on me online. He's always sexually harassing me. Megha Parekh, our lawyer, has not gotten to the bottom of it yet ... The Max Caster situation is really upsetting at this point."

Caster responded to MJF's comments by sharing an edited clip of the "Rasslin'" segment on Twitter that only included MJF saying "Everybody loves The Acclaimed." He also offered a two-part tweet that appeared to confirm MJF's complaints.


"THANK YOU MJF for the nice words on the Rasslin' show!" Caster tweeted. "You are so HANDSOME! This isn't the first or last time you've given me a *RUB* SCISSOR ME, DADDY! ... MJF is such a supportive BF."

MJF has met Caster in the ring on a single occasion during the February 10, 2021, episode of "AEW Dynamite," with MJF joining Chris Jericho in a victorious tag team bout against Caster and his tag team partner, Anthony Bowens.