Justin Roberts Gives Insight Into His Unofficial Ringside Producer Role

Justin Roberts has worked with AEW as the company's ring announcer since the beginning. Roberts previously had experience in other promotions, most famously working for WWE from 2007-2014, as he was an on-screen announcer for matches on various WWE brands such as "Raw," "SmackDown," and the now-defunct "ECW" brand. While appearing on "Talk Is Jericho," Roberts recently gave insight into his unofficial role in AEW as a Ringside Producer for the company.


"I produce by ringside unofficially," Roberts said. "I'm not here as a producer. I'm not told to produce, but, there are things I do because ... things that [Jericho] told me, things that Taker's told me, Shawn Michaels told me in the middle of a match, 'Don't ever do this. Do this.' I'm sharing that with everybody because I want to help everybody here. I want us to the be the best possible ... I'm making judgement calls, so, I'm producing at ringside and talking to the time keeper and talking to security, letting them know something is going to happen, or to the referee ... I have 26 years of experience being out there with the crowd, from beginning to end, and just knowing the right call to me because I've been in any every situation for the most part over all these years."


Although his current producing position is an unofficial one, Roberts revealed if he would take on an official role. "I like producing," Roberts continued. "That's what I'd love to do on more of an official level. I mean, if I could produce pre-tapes, that just, that would be huge."

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