Scotty 2 Hotty On The Genesis Of 'The Worm'

Scotty 2 Hotty couldn't have done it without the crowd. Scotty recently spoke with the "Wrestling WIth Johners" podcast and was asked about the origins of his famous finishing maneuver, The Worm. "It was an accident," Scotty professed. "First time I did it was grade school — 4th or 5th grade — something we used to do. We'd breakdance at recess and try to do 'the worm,' try to do 'the moonwalk,' try to do 'the backspin,' and then years later I could do 'the worm.'" 


According to Scotty, he started breakdancing while he and Brian Christopher (aka Grandmaster Sexay) were still known as "Too Much," busting out the move at house shows. "I would do it during our entrance or during a match I'd do 'the worm' and have a guy drop an elbow on me and I'd roll out of the way. I never did it on television but I was doing it, and I was starting to get a reaction. Every time I did it I got some kind of reaction."  Scotty says he "knew [he] had something," but didn't quite understand it. "I just didn't know what it would be and how big it would become." Though he doesn't accept full credit for "The Worm's" popularity.

"I always say it's not what I did that made 'the worm' as big as it was," Scotty continued. "It was what the crowd did. It was the crowd going 'W-O-R-M' and all of the stuff that goes along with it. That's what made it fun. It wasn't what I did. If it was just me hitting the ropes and worming across, it would've been a flash in the pan." Scotty describes himself as "pretty realistic in all this stuff," but is still awed. "I've never been the Austins or the Rocks. I mean we were climbing pretty high but to be 22 years later and there's these [rappers like Migos and others] putting it in their songs is pretty cool. It's mindblowing honestly."