Mandy Rose Recalls Top NXT Star Crying Early In Their WWE Career

"NXT" Women's Champion Mandy Rose is currently the face of her promotion's women's division, and she's had plenty of interactions with Cora Jade, a former "NXT" Tag Team Champion and a popular figure on the developmental brand before her recent heel turn. While Rose also plays a heel, that attitude doesn't extend backstage, and during an appearance on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin," Rose shared the advice she had for Jade when she realized that the young talent was going through some early hiccups at the WWE Performance Center.

"I remember one of my first days with Cora," Rose recalled. "I didn't even know her yet, but she was like upset. I tell this story to everyone, she always laughs now. She's like, 'You tell everyone I was crying in the bathroom,' but we all have those moments. She was crying in the bathroom after a match. It was a PC live event thing that we had, and I just went up to her because I had a feeling why she was crying. She just maybe got some bad feedback, whatever. I just went up to her and I said, 'Listen, that was a match, it was in the Performance Center, and it was in front of your coaches, and this is where you learn.'"

According to Rose, she and Absolution partner Sonya Deville had their own emotional moments before getting to the main roster, as well. It's clear now, however, that the early jitters are over for Jade, as she was recently involved in a major angle that saw her turn her back on former tag team partner Roxanne Perez.

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