Al Snow Explains Why He Doesn't Like The AEW Media Scrums

Al Snow has a message for Tony Khan: put some magic into your media scrums.

"We all know a magician is not up there defying the laws of physics or altering reality," the former WWE star said in an interview with NBC Sports Boston's "Ten Count." "We know that, but they don't disclose to us while we're watching it to ruin it for us ... I want to keep that mystery, because that's part of the fun."


What's not fun, according to Snow, is how Khan conducts his media scrums, complaining about how he "sits there and talks about 'Well, we booked this guy and they had a really good match,'" which Snow complained has diluted the magic from professional wrestling by explaining the mechanics of putting on an event.

"That's like if you're going to watch 'The Avengers' or 'Spider-Man' and during the movie they literally look at you in the camera and go, 'Yeah, you know, this is all B.S., we're not really doing this — I mean, it's no big deal.' You don't want that. You want to be able to believe, you want to be able to care, and you want to be able to enjoy it and suspend that disbelief."

"The hardest thing to achieve these days is to get and capture someone's attention, and then it's even more of a challenge to hold it, keep it and then to be able to monetize it," Snow continued. "Why in the world would you conduct these media scrums and then basically up the incline to the point where it's near impossible to gather the general audience's attention and then keep it and then monetize? ... You don't think that you're capable of getting and garnering and building an audience that is not already built in as a wrestling audience."