D-Von Dudley Gives Update On His Sons' AEW Status

Less than two years after making their AEW debut, the TNT tag team of Terence and Terrell Hughes have left Tony Khan's organization and might be joining their father, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley, in "WWE NXT."

"I'm very excited about it," Dudley said in an interview with "The A2K Wrestling Show." "They just need to polish up on a couple of things and we're bringing them in — we would love to bring them in. I think they'll be ready when the time comes, when the opportunity is given."

Dudley added there was no rush to have his sons in "NXT," noting how he wants them to "take all the time in the world to polish up and get ready." He didn't explain exactly what needed to be polished in order for his sons to join the developmental promotion, where he works as a producer and a coach, but he insisted that AEW was not "the right fit for them" and praised current WWE leadership for having a better focus on wrestling.

"WWE now is the right place for them, especially with Paul being in charge and his vision," he said, referring to WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque. "And Shawn Michaels and Matt Bloom. Feel a lot better when I can trust my sons in the business under the Paul Levesque regime ... I love the way things are running here now, and it's nothing but positive vibes here in NXT and on the main roster."