Earl Hebner Gives His Blunt Thoughts On Vince McMahon And John Laurinaitis

Legendary wrestling referee Earl Hebner considers Vince McMahon's fall from grace to be an act of karmic retribution.

In an appearance on the Facebook-based "K&S WrestleFest," Hebner was asked about McMahon's firing of him and his brother Dave Hebner in 2005 — Earl was accused of selling WWE merchandise in a St. Louis retail store without the company's permission, while Dave was fired following knee replacement surgery.

"One thing I will say is, Vince screwed us," Hebner said. "And it came to haunt him, because where is he at now? That was his payback. I've got to tell the truth, whether I get there or not — the truth's the truth."

Regarding the sordid circumstances that forced McMahon to exit the WWE C-suite, Hebner reaffirmed that McMahon was reaping what he previously sowed.

"Well, hey, everything comes to an end," Hebner continued. "And money can't buy the world. It can buy some things, but it can't buy the world. It was just a matter of time, because all of the old people who used to do the sorting and dealing for him is not around anymore. So now he's got to pay the price like everybody else."

Hebner was equally satisfied to know that John Laurinaitis was let go from WWE.

"I celebrated," Hebner said when asked how he responded to the news about Laurinaitis' firing. "I hated him and I still hate him ... He abused his power to everybody. He was two-faced and has always been — he'll laugh, smile at you, and stab you in the back."

Hebner added that he would "probably kick his ass" if he could confront Laurinaitis again. When reminded that Laurinaitis is a physically large man, Hebner deadpanned, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."