Tommaso Ciampa Describes His MO

Tommaso Ciampa has zero plans to stray away from his course of success. In an interview conducted with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report over SummerSlam weekend, Ciampa detailed his plans as to how he was going to approach his then-recent call-up to the main roster.


"It just comes with reps and experience," Ciampa said. "Maturity-wise and where I'm at in my personal life and my career, this is the right time to do it and this is my M.O. Slow burn is my M.O."

Ciampa brought up his early times in "NXT" when he teamed with Johnny Gargano against the likes of The Vaudevillains and how slow and steady of a burn it was before he eventually became the "NXT" Champion.

"It's the same thing. You just chip away, chip away, chip away and that turned out really well for me so I'm just going to apply the same formula to the main roster."

The former "NXT" Champ has found success so far on the main roster after being called up to "Raw." Ciampa began his red brand run in an unlikely pairing with The Miz mostly in a supporting role. However, not long after Paul "Triple H" Levesque took over as the company's Chief Content Officer, Ciampa got more exposure as a viable singles competitor, most notably challenging Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship in a memorable match on "Raw." Ciampa doesn't have plans to stop there. 


"I want to do every pay-per-view. I want to win every title," he said to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman in a recent interview.