Fandango Discusses Surprising Reason For Breezango's WWE NXT Run

Fandango admits he was a bit shocked that Breezango avoided being let go from WWE back in 2020. During the wave of budget cuts in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fandango didn't think he and tag team partner Tyler Breeze would be able to avoid being served their walking papers.


"No, dude, so surprised," Fandango admitted on "Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree." 

At the time, Fandango had started a major home-building project on property he had purchased, as WWE wasn't on the road at the time. Upon checking out social media, Fandango saw the slew of roster cuts and assumed the worst.

"They just completely cleaned house, and I'm like, 'Well, this is obviously got to be it,'" he said. "Because we were kind of like lower midcard guys at the time, and we just didn't get the axe. I think [Triple H] kind of went to bat for us."

Breezango staying with the company ultimately led to their final run in "NXT," where the pair at long last won championship gold. According to Fandango, however, the formation of Breezango itself was also a response to a near-firing, five years before they were actually released.


"I think we were on the chopping block, Breeze and I, both as singles competitors in 2016," Fandango said. "And then Vince said, 'No, don't fire them,' and then they put Breeze and I together in 2016, became Breezango."

Fandango and Breeze were ultimately released by the company in June 2021. This ended a 15-year run for Fandango, who had been with WWE since 2006, beginning with the Deep South Wrestling developmental territory.

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