Vice TV Reportedly Releasing Vince McMahon Documentary Next Month

Vince McMahon is apparently the focus of a new documentary that is now in the works. is reporting that it "has confirmed with multiple sources who were interviewed for the project" that the production will air in October and will cover the sordid circumstances that led to McMahon being forced to exit.

Vice TV has not issued any statement on a McMahon documentary, nor is it cited on its website. However, Vice TV will be premiering a new series on October 4 called "Tales from the Territories," which has Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as an executive producer. This series focuses on the once-dominant regional wrestling leagues and is being promoted as offering the "most jaw-dropping stories from in and out of the ring." A trailer for the series shows photographs of wrestlers from decades ago – including the Von Erich family, Jerry Lawler during this tussle with Andy Kaufman, and Johnson's father and grandfather – plus new input from the likes of Abdullah the Butcher and Bret Hart.

ViceTV has produced documentaries and news segments related to wrestling, as well as the four-season series "Dark Side of the Ring" which revisited the private tragedies and headline-making controversies surrounding wrestling, including the federal government's 1994 indictment of McMahon for allegedly supplying WWE talent with anabolic steroids. 

In July 2021, WWE announced it was partnering with Blumhouse Television on "The United States of America Vs. Vince McMahon," a limited series dramatization of McMahon's legal battle and victory against the federal charges. McMahon was named as an executive producer of the project. However, there has been no news on this production since last March when the Hollywood Reporter announced the hiring of Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue as screenwriters and showrunners.