Booker T Says AEW Star Is Putting On 'Shakespearean' Level Performances

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time world champion Booker T is giving two thumbs up to Chris Jericho's recent performances on AEW programming.

Speaking on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker praised Jericho bringing a new sense of dramatic vibrancy to both the ring and his reputation.

"There was a time a couple of months ago, or even a couple of weeks ago, where people were writing Jericho off," Booker said. "Online, they're like, 'Man, this guy needs to go away. He needs to just take some time off the show.'"

Booker theorized that Jericho might have picked up on that criticism, because now, the "AEW Dynamite" broadcasts "would not be as good or even remotely watchable if it hasn't been for what Jericho has been doing." Booker added that Jericho's star power helped elevate his recent "Dynamite" opponent, Bandido.

"Bandido came off more important and more special," Booker said. "The whole crowd in Philadelphia chanting his name. This is the first time this guy's on AEW television. He didn't do that by himself — he did that because of his dance partner, Chris Jericho."

Booker views Jericho as being "like Shakespeare, going on putting on just great performances — and at 51 years old, that right there lets me know how much he's still dedicated to the game."

While highlighting Jericho's mastery of the wrestling stage, Booker was also sympathetic to Saraya's unsteady second AEW appearance, where she appeared nervous. Booker noted that Saraya hasn't been on camera since her time as Paige.

"It is not easy to go out and cut promos," he said. "It may look easy, you may think it is, but it's nerve wracking out there ... It doesn't take one second to get off track, and then next thing you know, the wheels just fall off."