Drew McIntyre On How Changing Of WWE Guard Has Affected The Locker Room

The recent changes within the executive hierarchy at WWE have resulted in a different atmosphere in the locker room, according to Drew McIntyre.

In an interview with "The Dallas Morning News," the Scottish-born wrestler insisted that "backstage things really haven't changed that much" because the company's new leadership is not steering into a wildly different route.

"WWE was so successful prior to Hunter taking the reigns it'd be insane to change the formula that's worked and made WWE to the point where we'll get five stadium shows a year and doing such incredible business and records and profits," he said.

But where things are different, he continued, has been "an air of excitement, a buzz about the product and in the locker room. That's more for the fans."

As for the wrestlers, McIntyre observed, the changes in the roster are keeping everyone guessing about who is coming into WWE and who might be leaving.

"It's kind of a case of which one of our friends are going to show up next?" he said. "There's always a new superstar popping up. It feels like every single week we're like, 'Oh, there he is. Oh, there she is.' So, for us backstage, we're getting to see your friends again. We're aware of that buzz in the air."

McIntyre added that the roster shake-up should be a cue for the current talent to prove their viability to the WWE. He admitted that he didn't consider himself indispensable, stating that he has to "hit the reset button. I got to keep working like it's Day 1 every single day, reprove myself, and remain on top of the card."

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