Tony Khan Fires Back At 'Bad Faith' Fans Criticizing How AEW Builds Shows

Prior to celebrating the three-year anniversary of "AEW Dynamite" tonight, Tony Khan showed up on "Busted Open Radio" to talk about a few AEW matters, including some criticism that's been showing up on his radar as of late about how he's been building his shows. 

"I see some of the stuff people say — and I always want to take anything in good faith from the fans — but I do see a lot of people, adjacent to the WWE, in bad faith talking about the level of build. Well, there's a lot of build around a lot of these matches, and it's also, go back and watch an old wrestling show from the 80s or 90s, and sometimes you'll see two wrestlers wrestling for a spot, wrestling for the win, winner's purse."

Khan is referring to some of the card for tonight's "Dynamite" as Wardlow issued an open challenge for his TNT Championship, which Brian Cage accepted only yesterday. Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal is also happening.

"That is a trope in wrestling that needs to continue to be a thing," Khan continued. "You can call it a cold match if you want, but sometimes things start out of new issues. Not everything is going to have weeks or months of build going into it, although a lot of stuff should."

In spite of these critiques, Khan also made it clear that he has his eyes on the prize of Dave Meltzer's Booker Of The Year, noting that he has three months left to take the honor home.

"I'm gonna make a full-court press to get it, and I'm gonna let people know right now: There's been a lot of build to a lot of this stuff. And, if people have been telling me there hasn't, they're completely full of sh**, or they're just not paying attention."