AEW Dynamite Results (10/5): Three-Year Anniversary Special, Garcia & Danielson Team Up, TNT Title Match

This is Wrestling INC.'s results coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for October 5, 2022!

Tonight is the three-year anniversary of "Dynamite" and to celebrate Tony Khan has revealed the show will run for an extra 15 minutes, with a stacked card being put together to make the most of it. That includes the TNT Championship being on the line as Wardlow will be competing against none other than Brian Cage.


The issues between Daniel Garcia and the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society will continue as he is going to be teaming with Bryan Danielson to compete against Chris Jericho, who will be working with Sammy Guevara.

AEW's World Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed will also be appearing on the show to celebrate National Scissoring Day alongside Billy Gunn. Meanwhile, Luchasaurus is also set to be in action, although his opponent is currently unknown. Darby Allin will also be in singles competition when he competes against Jay Lethal, who has promised to compete on his own, and RUSH will also be appearing to take on "Hangman" Adam Page.

Toni Storm, Willow Nightingale, and Athena are all going to team up with Saraya in their corner, as they compete against Jamie Hayter, Serena Deeb, and Penelope Ford while Britt Baker will be at ringside for them.


Finally, another advertised encounter will see MJF make a rare in-ring appearance on "AEW Dynamite" when he competes against Wheeler Yuta in what is expected to be the opening match of the night. The two men have engaged in a war of words as of late, which led to Yuta attacking the three-time Dynamite Diamond ring winner last week. Now they will have the chance to settle the odds inside the ring.

MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta

MJF struts early to mock his opponent, but Wheeler Yuta fires back with several attacks in the corner, a dropkick, and then a strut of his own. He follows that by heading to the top turnbuckle, but he can't hit a move as MJF rolls away, and he then gets launched into the turnbuckles as MJF gets in control of the match. Yuta fights back with a jawbreaker, but MJF quickly responds with a backbreaker to show his dominance. 


MJF then continues to control the match, working the arm of his opponent, but Yuta reverses with an Irish whip to create some breathing room. Yuta then follows up with a trio of German suplexes, and on the fourth one, he chooses to relinquish the hold. Once again he heads to the top turnbuckle, but yet again MJF decides to roll away to the corner, and he then catches Yuta with an elbow strike.

MJF follows that by stomping down on Yuta's elbow from the top turnbuckle as the Blackpool Combat Club star holds the top rope, and as Yuta tries to fight back MJF counters with a powerbomb onto the knee. The two then exchange a series of slaps which then moves into back-and-forth near fall attempts, but despite a lot of efforts neither man gets the win, but they do earn a standing ovation.


Both men make the 10 count and Yuta then drops his opponent, but as he heads to the top turnbuckle it again doesn't work as MJF knocks the top rope. He then joins Yuta up there, and looks for a Tombstone, but he fights out and bites MJF before hitting a hurricanrana as he follows it with a tope suicida that sends MJF into the barricade. Yet again Yuta tries a top turnbuckle move but MJF rolls away and flips him the bird, yet Yuta hits the move anyway, connecting with a splash across the ring, only for MJF to kick out. 

Yuta then tries the hammer and anvil elbows but MJF reverses to lock in the Salt Of The Earth submission, and while Yuta does manage to get near the ropes, MJF drags him to the middle of the ring and locks it back on to win. 

Winner: MJF

After the match, Yuta looks to shake MJF's hand to show respect, but out of nowhere, Lee Moriarty jumps Yuta from behind. MJF pushes him away and tells him not to do that, but Stokely Hathaway then hands him the Dynamite Diamond Ring, only for William Regal to then appear with his brass knuckles and he stares down MJF who backs away.

The Jericho Appreciation Society are then shown backstage as they all take a shot at Daniel Garcia, with Sammy Guevara getting huge heat.


Jay Lethal vs. Darby Allin

The two men kick things off with some mat-based wrestling, but Darby Allin then hits a big hip toss after balancing from the top rope, and the two men then stare at each other. Allin looks for a handshake, but Jay Lethal responds by kicking him, and he tries to flip Allin across the ring but he lands on his feet, yet Lethal fires back with a low dropkick. The former ROH World Champion then put his focus on the knee of Allin, and as he tries to send him across the ring Darby just crumbles down. 


Allin continues to fight back with a reverse DDT, but Lethal is able to kick out following that. Despite Allin's impressive move, his more experienced opponent then relentlessly focuses on the knee, dropping elbows down to the area. He then connects with a dragon screw, and he then slams it onto the second rope as well, following up with a belly-to-belly suplex as he keeps wearing out Darby.

Lethal sets him on the top turnbuckle, but Darby begins to fight out, however, Lethal hits an avalanche dragon screw, and he quickly follows it with the Figure Four Leglock. He then aims for Lethal Injection but Allin reverses and then hits Code Red for a near fall of his own. Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt then make their way out which distracts Darby while he is setting up the Coffin Drop, and Lethal pulls him down. However, he then tells his friends he will do it alone, while Allin charges in, and they exchange pinfall attempts until Allin sets in the Last Supper for a sneaked victory.


Winner: Darby Allin 

After the match Allin tells Lethal he doesn't need his partners and he looks for a handshake, and he shakes it. 

Wardlow (c) vs. Brian Cage w/Prince Nana (TNT Championship Match)

Straight away Brian Cage charges the champion into the corner with several shoulder attacks, but Wardlow responds by doing exactly the same thing. He sends Cage across the ring, but he bounces back with a big lariat attempt but Wardlow doesn't budge, and he tries to come back with his own which doesn't move Cage. The two big men then go back and forth with punches until Wardlow busts out a hurricanrana, but Cage gets aerial himself, and he then attempts a 619 but Wardlow catches him and slams his challenger to the mat.


Wardlow looks for a Powerbomb, but Prince Nana gets on the ring apron to distract the official, allowing Cage to hit a reversal. Cage follows it with a pump kick, and he then picks up Wardlow and just curls him before throwing the champion across the ring. Wardlow looks to fight back, but Cage nails another pump kick before a powerslam which is followed by a leg drop. 

Cage continues his attack, and while Wardlow attempts to fight back his opponent just connects with a knee strike, yet the champion then busts out his own version of a Whisper in the Wind, and he follows that with a few German suplexes, and then a belly-to-bell suplex for good measure. Wardlow goes to the top rope, but Cage breaks that plan off with a kick to the face. 


Cage gets on the second rope, and the 'Machine' manages to power Wardlow up and over to suplex him back into the ring. The champion fires back with a spinebuster, but as Cage avoids the wind-up lariat, Cage picks him up and launches him down, but Wardlow is able to kick out. Cage then looks for a Powerbomb of his own, but Wardlow gets out, hits two headbutts, and then the wind-up lariat. 

After that Cage is dropped with the first Powerbomb, and despite Cage's size the champion ends up hitting four to retain the title. 

Winner (and still TNT Champion): Wardlow

After the match, The Gates Of Agony hit the ring and start attacking Cage, but Samoa Joe hits the ring to try and make the save! However, the numbers game proves to be too much as the heel group takes advantage...until FTR appears! The Embassy quickly backs down and walks away.

Toni Storm, Willow Nightingale, & Athena vs. Jamie Hayter, Penelope Ford, & Serena Deeb

Before the match, Britt Baker is shown backstage claiming that Saraya is not medically cleared to compete, so she guesses that makes things her house now. 

When the encounter begins Athena showcases her athleticism by landing on her feet after Penelope Ford attempts to bring her down, and she then matches it with strength, catching her from a crossbody to drop her to the mat. Ford backs her to the corner and she comes in with a back handspring elbow. Toni Storm then takes control with a huge Hip Attack to Serena Deeb, but as she looks for Storm Zero she is distracted, allowing Deeb to hit a chop block. 


Storm is then isolated in the corner as the heels beat her down as Jamie Hayter comes in to continue that attack to a great reaction. Ford then returns, choking Storm on the middle rope as Britt Baker then also gets involved with a cheap shot, but Storm then gets whipped into the top rope by Ford. The frequent tags continue as Deeb comes back in, slowing the pace down until Storm connects with a few forearm strikes, yet Deeb brings her down with an inverted dragon screw. 

She then attacks Willow in the corner, but then hits a submission to Storm, yanking back on the knee while suplexing Athena, meanwhile Hayter suplexes Willow at the same time. Storm does manage to tag out though and Willow starts the attack on Hayter, connecting with a big Spinebuster, but Deeb breaks up the pinfall attempt. Rebel then tries to use a crutch but Saraya pulls it away while Willow hits the pounce to Deeb. 


Athena then drops Ford, while she is taken out by Deeb. This leads to Storm wiping her out, and Hayter to the champion, as Willow then superkicks her, only for Ford to come out on top of the entire run. However, as she attempts a backspring, Willow dropkicks her and then hits the Doctor Bomb for the win.

Winners: Willow Nightingale, Toni Storm, & Athena

Baker then gets in the face of Saraya after the match, but she nails her with a punch, and Baker and Saraya then get physical! Britt escapes but gets left with Rebel, and Saraya superkicks her, showing everyone she can get physical.

National Scissoring Day Celebrations

The Acclaimed hit the ring with their usual style, as Max Caster delivers a promo and Anthony Bowens wants Daddy Ass to scissor him! Bowens then welcomes us to National Scissoring Day, as he claims they're the most popular team in AEW history, and the best homegrown team of AEW history. He also reveals that their new t-shirt is the #1 selling shirt of the year. 


Bowens says they brought home gold, so AEW doesn't stand for All Elite Wrestling, it stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. Bowens says they normally celebrate by scissoring, and he knows a thing or two about that, and he explains what it is. It's a handshake, a sign of friendship, and a sign of a true team. He says the people want the division to be represented by a real team, not two dudes thrown together like Swerve and Keith Lee.

He claims that sneaky Swerve would like people to believe they're the most popular team, but that's wrong, because everyone loves The Acclaimed. Bowens says it isn't Swerve's house, and Billy Gunn says it's Daddy Asse's house. He was sent to city hall today and was asked to present them with something... it's a giant pair of scissors! Max Caster then asks everyone to offer peace to who they're sitting with by scissoring, which the fans all do. 


Caster wants to talk about greatness, and he mentions Washington winning the Super Bowl, and his dad was on that team. He says they can all agree that people love The Acclaimed, there is no left and right, now red or blue, they wear pink and they are the people's choice and voice. They're doing the first every bipartisan scissor to unite the country, but before they hit it Swerve Strickland appears.

He says this is an idiotic situation, and he tells more kids can get suspended like they did before with Billy due to a t-shirt. Strickland points out that if it wasn't for Gunn he'd still be a champion, and he says next week it'll be Billy Gunn facing Swerve one on one, and if he tries to use his two fingers he will make sure they never use them again because rock beats scissors. 

Mark Sterling then appears, and tells Swerve paper beats rocks, as he says that The Acclaimed need him to beat Swerve as they can't do it alone. He wants to represent them, but instead he gets taken out and Bowens drops a scissor on his legs from the top rope. Gunn then accepts Swerve's challenge, and they then hit the scissor spot!

Madison Rayne is then shown backstage putting over Skye Blue, but Tay Melo and Anna Jay tell them they need a sports entertainer coach. Blue claims she can work on her personality while they work on their wrestling skills, and that leads to a tag match being set for Friday. 


RUSH vs. Hangman Adam Page

This one starts out aggressively as the two men go back and forth with chops and strikes, but Jose then holds "Hangman's" boot, and that allows RUSH to send him to the floor. Outside the ring, he then uses a cable to whip Page and then choke him for further damage, and back inside the ring he continues with the attack by hitting a splash in the corner and then a dropkick to the spine. 


The two then start throwing chops again, but it is RUSH who comes out on top, stomping down on Page in the corner as Jose then takes advantage. Rush then delivers a huge kick to the face, but the former World Champion fights back with a fallaway slam. Page then springboards into a lariat to send RUSH to the floor, hitting a crossbody out of the ring after that to continue the attack. 

Back inside the ring, Page connects with a Death Valley Driver, but that only brings him a near fall. Page then hits a trio of forearm strikes, yet he drops Page with just one. However, Page drops RUSH again and looks for the Buckshot Lariat, but Jose delays it and when it happens he is met with a headbutt as RUSH follows it with a straightjacket piledriver! Page kicks out, and Page then reverses the Bull's Horn attempt with a lariat. He quickly follows that up with the Buckshot Lariat, and that's enough to secure a strong win. 


Winner: "Hangman" Adam Page

After the match, Private Party come in at the order of Jose, but Jon Moxley appears to level the numbers. Moxley then says he's been waiting for this for three years, he's studied Page because he knew it was coming, and he says between them they've beaten everyone except each other. Moxley says there will be one last man standing after their match here in AEW, and he's going to break his face, and choke him until he turns blue because he's in the way of him being the top guy. 

Moxley has respect for Page, and he admires him as a person. But when the bell rings, he doesn't respect anything. Page then asks if he's been waiting so long, where is he going right now, and Mox says he's a sweet kid and like a lot of people around here, he says stupid things that gets him in trouble. He tells him he has 13 days and he'd best watch his mouth.

Luchasaurus In Action

Willow Nightingale is then shown backstage and says she's on a roll and wants to challenge for the TBS Championship. Jade Cargill appears and says she's already beaten her twice, and Willow questions if she can do it a third time. She wonders if instead, she could end up being the 1 in 38-1, and the match is made official for Battle Of The Belts.


Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage vs. Fuego Del Sol

Fuego Del Sol tries to charge into him straight away, but Luchasaurus immediately Chokeslams him, following it with the Cut Throat for a simple victory. 

Winner: Luchasaurus

After the match Luchasaurus looks to throw him out of the ring at Christian's command, but Jungle Boy appears! He attacks him with a chair and sends his former partner to the floor as Cage holds him back. Jungle Boy then says that he was his best friend, and after everything, he chose Christian and broke his heart. But now he's going to break his fingers, his arm, and piece by piece until he breaks him. He tells him to pick the time and place, Jungle Boy will be ready. 

Christian then reminds him that he said not to come back this week. It would be easy for them to drop him and leave him in piss and blood, but Jungle Boy has got him thinking, but it won't be happening tonight. The time is next Wednesday in his hometown, Toronto, Canada, as this match appears to be set. 


Bryan Danielson & Daniel Garcia vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia shake hands early, but the ROH Champion then takes down his mentor, before Garcia takes control with his mat-based wrestling skills, and he then slaps his head before wiping his boots at him. Jericho comes back with a big chop to the chest, and this then leads to them going back and forth with them until Sammy Guevara trips Garcia out of the ring. 


Bryan Danielson then comes in and he starts unloading his kicks in the corner to Guevara before diving out of the ring to attack Jericho, as he then cuts off Guevara's attempt with a forearm strike. Jericho tags back in only to get taken down with a Cattle Mutilation, but Jericho reverses with the Walls Of Jericho until a Garcia distraction breaks it up, and the two former WWE stars then exchange strikes until Jericho comes out on top as he then drops Garcia off the apron with a right hand.

Guevara comes back in, but Bryan sidesteps him and suplexes him into the corner. Danielson then charges in with his running dropkick, but when they then get to the top rope, it is Guevara who connects with a Spanish Fly. The two men both hit running crossbodies inside the ring, and that leads to double tags, and while they then stare each other down, Guevara tries to dive in only to eat a right hand in mid-air. 


Garcia and Jericho then start unloading on each other, but it is the younger man who comes out on top, hitting a running PK, and he then locks in the Dragon Tamer! Guevara manages to take out Danielson outside the ring though, and that opens things up for Jericho to start unloading chops, but Garcia fights back with some of his own. Jericho telegraphs his dropkick attempt, but Garcia then does the same with the Lionsault.

Guevara then gets brought in, yet Garcia locks him into a submission, and Danielson does the same to Jericho as they both unload hammer and anvil elbows. The two men then put Guevara on the top turnbuckle, but he lands on his feet and then drops both of his opponents. Danielson eats a Spanish Fly while Garcia is thrown into the air and kicked in the back. Garcia catches the knee before dropping him with a piledriver, but Jericho stops the pinfall. 

Bryan takes him out with a running knee while Garcia and Sammy take each other both down with their work. Outside the ring Jericho ends up sending Danielson through the timekeeper's table with a suplex, yet Garcia connects with the GTH. He then follows up with several punches and he heads to the top rope but his Shooting Star Press is countered, and Garcia locks in the Dragon Tamer. However, with the official not looking, Jericho uses the ROH World Title to strike Garcia around his head, and Guevara pins him for a win. 


Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara