WWE Extreme Rules Results (10/8): Fight Pit Match, White Rabbit Revealed, Beth Phoenix Appears

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Bianca Belair will be defending her "WWE Raw" Women's Championship in a ladder match against Bayley, who has been dominating the champion since she returned to the company with her Damage CTRL faction.

Edge's rivalry with the faction that he created, The Judgment Day is also set to come to a boiling point at this event. He has been battling against the group for months now as he attempts to take them down, and he will be facing Finn Balor in an I Quit Match on this show.

The Brawling Brutes and Imperium will be competing in a Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match after GUNTHER was able to retain his Intercontinental Championship against Sheamus on Friday.

Meanwhile, Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan will collide for a third time for the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship in an Extreme Rules match, with the former UFC star looking to regain her title. Karrion Kross will also compete in his first-ever premium live event in WWE as he faces Drew McIntyre in a Strap match after weeks of back-and-forth fighting.


The reveal of the mysterious White Rabbit vignettes which have been appearing on social media in recent weeks will take place, with the latest clue leading to WWE's Extreme Rules.

The show will also see the first-ever Fight Pit match on the main roster, with Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle bringing an end to their fierce rivalry. To ensure it is called down the middle, UFC legend Daniel Cormier is set to be the special guest referee.

Imperium vs. The Brawling Brutes (Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match)

Before the match gets underway we are treated to the latest White Rabbit teaser, which sees the bunny burrowing down on an 'X' which is the same as the logo for tonight's event. 

The two teams waste no time as they all begin brawling immediately with Butch taking Giovanni Vinci to the announce table to beat him up, while Ludwig Kaiser is hung in the tree of woe with a shillelagh put in front of him that is driven into his neck. However, GUNTHER comes in with a chop, and Imperium quickly takes down all of their opponents to gain control. 


Imperium begins destroying the bar at ringside, which annoys Sheamus, but as he tries to get revenge things turn into a three-on-one situation as he is sent into the steel steps. Butch then launches himself into the situation, but Vinci sends him flying into the barricade which breaks it. Sheamus is then held on the bar as GUNTHER begins unloading his chops to him, following it up by dropping him straight onto the bar. 

Butch tries to fight back with an enziguri to GUNTHER, but Kaiser and Vinci quickly shut him down, only for Ridge Holland to lift up both men and throw them back down, yet his momentum is immediately shut down with a boot to the face from GUNTHER. An Imperial Bomb is then hit on the outside of the ring to Holland, leaving Butch on his own. 


The former "NXT UK" star tries to fight them all, but he quickly gets overwhelmed and put on the top turnbuckle for GUNTHER to chop, as he then hangs him down with the tag team charging in to hit their stereo dropkicks. Sheamus then reappears, and he launches Vinci and Kaiser into the barricade leaving him and the Intercontinental Champion in the ring together. 

Gunther hits a German suplex, but Sheamus responds by planting his rival, following it up with his 10 Beats of the Bodhrán, and the rest of the faction join in attacking him as well. Sheamus then delivers the Brogue Kick, but Vinci breaks up the pin with a splash as Holland then attacks him, yet he fights back as Butch then hits Kaiser out of the ring, only for GUNTHER to nail a double dropkick to them. 

Sheamus connects with an Irish Curse Backbreaker, and the Cloverleaf is then locked in, but before he can tap Kaiser breaks it up by smashing a shillelagh across his back, with Butch and Holland then breaking up that pinfall attempt. The two tag teams brawl on their knees while the two leaders nail huge chops until they're all down to regroup. Kaiser takes out Butch, and Vinci does the same to Holland, but Sheamus catches GUNTHER with a knee that almost gets it done until he's pulled out of the ring.


Imperium clears the announce table but Holland stops the plans as they all brawl until Butch hits a moonsault from the top of the barrels to clear everyone out. Back inside the ring, GUNTHER attacks Sheamus with a huge shillelagh, but he kicks out just in time. The Brawling Brutes then hold GUNTHER, allowing Sheamus to smash him on the head with a shillelagh, and Butch and Holland do the same to the others. 

Outside the ring, Sheamus lifts GUNTHER and hits a huge Celtic Cross through the announce table! Back in the ring, Vinci is held, allowing Sheamus to nail the Brogue Kick. 

Winner: The Brawling Brutes

The Miz is shown backstage as he wants to talk to Triple H about Dexter Lumis, but he then sees Gritty, who offers him a shirt that Miz doesn't want, throwing it on the floor instead. 

Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey (Extreme Rules WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Match)

Straight away Liv Morgan goes for her bat, but Ronda Rousey takes her down and locks in a submission, but the champion gets out by looking for a pinfall. Rousey kicks out and Morgan grabs the bag, but when she tries to use it Rousey blocks it and gets the weapon herself, but she throws it out of the ring and then hits a knee to the mid-section before the Ankle Lock is applied. 


Morgan gets out of it and follows up with a knee to the face, and she tries to follow with a baseball slide but Rousey pulls the apron to trap her. She then starts unloading with punches which leads to Morgan asking for more, so the challenger slaps her. Rousey goes to attack her with the bar, but Morgan has a fire extinguisher to spray in her face, yet she doesn't stay on top long, as Rousey hits the Piper's Pit. 

She goes away to check her eyes and Morgan leaps off the stairs to try to attack her, only for Rousey to swat her down with the baseball bat, following up with several more shots, but back inside the ring, Morgan fires back with an enziguri to drop the champion. Morgan starts the attack again, but Rousey throws a judo jacket onto her and then uses the black belt to whip the champion repeatedly. 


She then traps her with that on the ring post, using the bat to attack her legs until Morgan fights back by driving her into the ring apron as she then puts a table into the ring. She puts it in the corner, but Rousey cuts her off by slamming her head-first into the wood before she locks a submission in by using the ring apron to her advantage. They fall out of the ring, and Morgan then uses a chair to attack Rousey, which she then sets up in between the turnbuckles, but it falls out before she is able to push Rousey into that area. 

Morgan then gets the chair again and attacks her more, throwing it for Rousey to catch by following up with a Code Red with the chair in the middle. Morgan then places the challenger on a table, and she connects with a Senton, yet Rousey kicks out, and then immediately tries to lock in the Armbar. Morgan pushes out and hits a Powerbomb into the broken table, but Rousey kicks out again and puts the submission back on. She then transitions into another submission, choking out Morgan in between her thighs while pushing the table into her head as Morgan fades out. 

Winner (and new "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion): Ronda Rousey

Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Strap Match)

Karrion Kross doesn't want to put the strap on at first, and he throws it outside the ring. Scarlett pulls it to distract Drew McIntyre, and he then jumps the Scotsman to get the upper hand, attacking him outside the ring as they head over the barricade and into the fans. The two men then brawl through the WWE Universe as they then make their way back to the ringside area where McIntyre hits a suplex.


He bounces Kross into the announce table, and the ring post, and then down onto the ring apron. McIntyre gets Kross in the ring and places the strap on him, and this one is officially underway! McIntyre immediately begins connecting with huge shots to Kross' back using the strap, but Scarlett then comes face to face with him, which allows Kross to take advantage, yanking him into the ring post. 

McIntyre sells a shoulder injury, and while the official asks if he wants medical the answer is no, and Kross then pulls him into the post several more times. Inside the ring, he looks for the Kross Jacket, and while McIntyre blocks it, he eats a huge shot from the strap to his chest. Kross takes McIntyre out of the ring, and he drives him into the announce table, continuing to attack the shoulder injury. 


Kross then uses the weapon to just beatdown on the shoulder of his opponent while Scarlett screams for more. They then get back into the ring where Kross hits the Doomsday Saito, but McIntyre kicks out, which leads to more whips from the strap, and after taking several shots McIntyre fires up and begins hitting several clotheslines, and a belly-to-belly throw. Kross manages to connect with an elbow strike, but Drew immediately hits a Spinebuster, which gets him a near fall. 

Both men then go back and forth with punches, and they start using the strap to the neck, slapping each other as hard as possible, with McIntyre coming out on top as he nails the Futureshock DDT! McIntyre looks for the Claymore, but once again Scarlett gets in the way, he moves her, but she pulls him back and blinds him with some spray to the eyes. With McIntyre holding his face, Kross comes from behind with the Kross Hammer to get a win. 

Winner: Karrion Kross

The Miz is shown backstage again, and Gritty appears while he's on the phone, which leads to Miz storming away.

Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley (WWE Raw Women's Championship Ladder Match)

Straight away the two women attack each other, and they then head outside and get a ladder each which they bring into the ring. Bianca Belair gets a bigger ladder so Bayley tries to use hers as a weapon which creates a tug of war, and Bayley is sent to the floor, but she quickly stops her opponent from climbing. They then brawl on the outside as Belair is sent crashing into a ladder that is propped onto the ring apron. 


The challenger follows that up by trying to flip Belair onto it, but she lands and then climbs into the ring up the ladder, so Bayley has to play defense, but she jumps back down and then just slams Bayley into it. Belair lays the ladder down and drives Bayley into it, following up with her springboard moonsault to land on her. Bayley fights back well and connects with a huge sunset flip that drives Belair into a ladder!

Bayley sets a ladder from the steps to the barricade to create a bridge, and she places the EST onto it, running from the apron to deliver a flying elbow. Belair responds by using another ladder herself which had been split in half by Bayley, and she then starts climbing, but Bayley comes down to stop it. She then goes up but Belair pulls her down, catching Bayley and then delivering a spinebuster. With Bayley on the floor, she simply kicked the ladder away which saw Belair spill to the floor. 


Bayley then pulls out the hinge of Bayley's knee brace, but as she charges into the corner Belair moves and Bayley's knee crashes into the turnbuckles, following up with the KOD! Belair gets to the top of the ladder, but as she has the match won, Damage CTRL appears and jumps Belair. However Belair then fights back, and she manages to hit a double KOD, with both women on her shoulders at the same time!

However, she has no time to celebrate because Bayley attacks her with a ladder, and she then sets that in between the turnbuckles, launching her into it and then connecting with Rose Plant. She pulls Belair and puts the ladder on top of her to trap the champion as she climbs up, but Belair is able to press it up from underneath and Bayley falls to the top rope. The two of them then charge up the ladder, and Bayley uses Belair's hair to slam her into the ladder. 

However, the champion comes back quickly and whips her with the braid to bring Bayley back down, following it with another shot from her hair. She then looks for the KOD, but Bayley grabs a ladder rung, only for Belair to hit the KOD, slamming Bayley onto the ladder as Belair retains the title. 

Winner (and still "WWE Raw" Women's Champion): Bianca Belair


Edge vs. Finn Balor (I Quit Match)

Edge charges at Finn Balor immediately and starts attacking him before connecting with an elbow, and a swinging neck breaker to stay in control. The Judgment Day star responds with an attack of his own as he begins focusing on the knee of his opponent, yanking it across the second rope, and he then transitions into the Figure Four Leglock which they then go back and forth on. 


Balor then stomps away on Edge as he is trapped inside the ring apron, following it up with several kicks as he then slams Edge down onto the announce table repeatedly. The Hall Of Famer responds by throwing Balor into the ring post, but the momentum quickly changes with a Slingblade. However, Edge then steps up the brutality by simply driving Balor through the timekeeper's barricade as they then begin brawling through the fans, as Edge then suplexes Balor onto the floor. 

Edge comes charging in with a hockey stick, attacking him with it, and he then locks in the Glasgow Grin on top of the kick-off show table, and they then brawl up the stairs as Balor then repeatedly launches Edge into a wall only for him to respond by sending Balor into the concrete overhang. The two then fight back down the stairs with Balor choking him on the handrail. 


The two then get back to the ring as Balor begins using a chair to dominate the situation, but Edge refuses to quit. Balor hits a side Russian leg sweep and locks in a stretch submission, which is then transitioned into a Crossface, but he still doesn't quit. However, Balor then gets sent head-first into a chair that he propped between the two turnbuckles, and he follows up with the Edgeucator, but before he quits Damian Priest makes his way down. 

Edge fights him off, and he then Spears Balor through the ropes which wipes out Priest and Dominik Mysterio in the process. Back inside the ring Edge looks for a Spear but Rhea Ripley pops up and she handcuffs him to the top rope, allowing The Judgment Day to beat him down. Balor then brings out a kendo stick and starts attacking his back, yet Rey Mysterio then makes his way down, attacking Priest and Balor, but he then gets laid out by his own son. Meanwhile, back in the ring Balor is able to go back to dominating with the kendo stick, but Beth Phoenix then pops up, and she unloads on Balor with the weapon!

She takes out Priest as well while Dominik backs off, as she and Ripley then go back and forth brawling inside the ring as the Hall Of Famer Spears Ripley! She gets the key, and releases her husband, who immediately Spears Priest! Dominik then wants to shake his hand, but Edge hits a low blow just as Dom did to him in Cardiff, yet Balor attacks him from behind, only to then eat a Spear! He follows it up with another one, and Edge then connects with a third Spear!


Edge takes the bottom bar off a chair, but as looks to use it on Balor, Ripley knocks out Phoenix with brass knuckles. Edge tries to go to her aid but gets jumped by Priest, with Balor then hitting the Coupe De Grace, which he delivers three times in a row. Edge still refuses to quit, so Ripley goes to his wife who is completely knocked out, she sets up a chair under her head as Balor demands he says it, and before she delivers the blow, Edge utters the words. 

Winner: Finn Balor

Despite the fact Edge quit, Ripely delivers the conchairto Phoenix anyway as The Judgment Day then head out as medics and officials check on Phoenix.

Backstage the mascot once again annoys The Miz, and he snaps and attacks him only for Dexter Lumis to appear, as he once again puts the A-Lister to sleep. 

Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle (Fight Pit Match with Daniel Cormier Special Guest Referee)

Matt Riddle shows his experience of the cage early by running up it and jumping off with a kick to the head, allowing him to take control as he then brawls down on Seth Rollins. He starts punching Rollins but accidentally catches Daniel Cormier in the face with his elbow, so he pulls Riddle off to speak with him which allows Rollins to jump him from behind by pushing him into the steel. 


Rollins rakes the eye of Riddle, and that leads to Cormier checking on him so Seth pulls him away. Of course, the UFC legend doesn't take kindly to that, and he puts Rollins against the cage to warn him as well, while the two men then get back down to business. Rollins uses the steel to his advantage, raking Riddle's face across it, following up with a big blow to the back of the head. 

Rollins rocks Riddle with a couple of superkicks, and Cormier begins the count. He continues the attack by climbing up the steel slightly to hit a Frog Splash with a twist, but once again Riddle gets up so Rollins begins kicking at his head. Despite Rollins' domination, Riddle pops up with an RKO out of nowhere, leaving both men down for the count. The two then exchange slaps and strikes as Riddle looks for another RKO, but Rollins avoids it and connects with the Stomp!


Rollins then decides to climb the steel up to the platform above as he struts around to the fans singing his song, but Riddle goes up to find him as Rollins starts the attack with Riddle clinging onto the metal chain. However, he reverses with a rear-naked choke, but fights out and then slams Riddle into the steel repeatedly as Rollins then tells Cormier to shut up. He turns his attention back to Riddle, connecting with a Buckle Bomb to the steel on the top of the platform. 

Rollins tries to throw Riddle down, but he grabs the chain and skips across, but when he runs back he is immediately taken down with a Pedigree. He then looks for a Stomp but that is avoided and reversed into an RKO as Rollins falls back down to the ring. Riddle sees the opportunity and nails a Floating Bro from the top of the Fight Pit, crashing down onto his opponent. 

The two men get up and Riddle locks in an arm submission, but Rollins tries to break out by slamming him into the steel structure several times, yet Riddle never relinquishes the hold, and that leads to Rollins tapping out after he transitions into the Triangle Choke. 

Winner: Riddle

As Riddle gets to the top of the ramp the lights go out, and Michael Cole asks "are we still on the air?" Meanwhile, in the arena, the "He's got the whole world in his hands" song begins playing out in the arena as the lights appear from the phones of the fans. Huskus is then shown as a person in the crowd, and then Mercy the Buzzard appears, with Ramblin' Rabbit also popping up. Finally, Sister Abigail is shown standing near the ringside area, and then a mask is shown on the commentary desk, with The Fiend then appearing at the ringside as well. 


A door is then shown at the top of the ring, while we are then taken to the Firefly Funhouse with everything being covered in cobwebs until a television appears with someone in a mask talking, asking "who killed the world?" He claims they did, and then we go back to the door on the stage which is kicked open to show a lantern, with the masked man appearing in person to "holy sh*t" chants, he takes off the mask to reveal himself, it's Bray Wyatt! He tells the camera to "Run," blows out the light and the show goes off air.