AEW Dynamite Results (10/12): ROH World Championship Match, New All-Atlantic Champion Crowned, Renee Paquette Debuts

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for October 12, 2022!

Tonight's episode will be AEW's first time taking the promotion international, with this show happening in Toronto, Canada, which should lead to a fantastic live crowd. The event will be headlined by a Canadian himself as Chris Jericho will be putting his ROH World Championship on the line against Bryan Danielson.


The two men have been feuding for several months now, with Daniel Garcia's allegiances currently split between them. Jericho has promised to defeat former ROH World Champions to build his legacy with the title, which he started with Bandido, and he will try to continue that here. While we will also be seeing another member of the Blackpool Combat Club, as Jon Moxley will be speaking ahead of his upcoming title match next week.

That isn't the only title that will be on the line during "AEW Dynamite" though, as PAC will be once again defending his All-Atlantic Championship against Orange Cassidy. The two men competed for the title recently at "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam," but the Death Triangle star had to cheat to win that one.


A tag team match will be taking place in the women's division on this show, with Toni Storm set to team up with Hikaru Shida as they compete against Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter.

The issues between Jungle Boy and his former tag team partner Luchasaurus will also continue this week as they compete in singles action. The masked wrestler recently turned on his friend to work alongside Christian Cage, and now Jungle Boy is out for revenge.

Finally, Swerve Strickland is going to compete against Daddy Ass himself, Billy Gunn, after the D-Generation X star helped The Acclaimed win the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

Jungle Boy Vs. Luchasaurus

Tonight's show begins with Renee Paquette making her first appearance, and she welcomes out Christian Cage. He says it is great to be back in Toronto, and as the face of Canada he guarantees a win, just like the Toronto Maple Leafs losing in round one, and he brings out Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy comes charging out with a dropkick to his former tag team partner, and he follows it with one to his back, as he then yanks up the top rope while standing on the back of him, following it up by diving over the ropes to slap Luchasaurus, taking a page out of Cage's book. 


However, it doesn't take long for the bigger man to turn things around as he connects with a German suplex. He then gets a table set outside the ring, but Jungle Boy blocks what he attempts, only to be sent back-first into the ring post. He then tries to slap Jungle Boy but he moves, connecting with the steel instead and he then stomps his hand into it once again. The two continue fighting outside the ring with Luchasaurus launching him into the barricade several times. 

Luchasaurus continues to target the back, stomping on the injured area as he then pulls the tape off the injured area, however, he then charges into the corner and misses, hitting the ring post. Jungle Boy then looks to send him through the table outside the ring, but Luchasaurus catches him, only for Jungle Boy to reverse again by sending his rival into the ring post. The two then brawl on the apron, with Luchasaurus hanging on by one hand after a superkick, but Jungle Boy then dives over the top of him and powerbombs the masked man through the table!


Back inside the ring, Luchasaurus fights back with a big clothesline and he then plants him down, forcing Jungle Boy to kick out. The two men then head to the top rope but Jungle Boy slides out and then hits him from behind, setting him in the tree of woe, but as he comes to dive into him Luchasaurus stretches his legs back and slams him down to the mat. He then nails a Chokeslam, but Jungle Boy still kicks out!

Jungle Boy comes in with some elbow strikes, and then a crucifix bomb, and this time the bigger man has to kick out! He looks for a Killswitch but Luchasaurus reverses, only for Jungle Boy to turn it around and plant him down. He then hits the Killswitch Engage, but yet again he kicks out. Jungle Boy locks in the Snare Trap but he gets the ropes, and Cage holds him as well. 

Cage then distracts him again, and that allows Luchasaurus to throw Jungle Boy across the ring, spiking him down to the ring after for the win. 

Winner: Luchasaurus

The Factory vs. Wardjoe

Backstage Stokely Hathaway reveals they have purchased The Street Profits contract, and Matt Hardy says he will fight for their contracts. Page insists they fight for themselves, so he will face Isiah Kennedy for them, but if Page wins they will own Hardy's contract as well.


QT Marshall then appears and mocks the name of the new tag team, but he is quickly cut off as the TNT Champion makes his way to the ring. He and Nick Comoroto try to attack their opponents before the bell but that doesn't work out, and Samoa Joe throws hands to Marshall in the corner. He looks for a Muscle Buster but Comoroto makes the save, and gets beaten up as well. Marshall tries to hit him with a splash, but the veteran simply sidesteps him. 

Wardlow then comes in and drops Marshall with a headbutt before dropping him with a big lariat. Comoroto tags in and he gets launched around the ring for his efforts, but The Factory star then fights back with some charges into the corner. He then picks up the TNT Champion, but he escapes and plants him in the middle of the ring. Joe comes in and holds him to the mat, allowing Wardlow to hit a huge senton while Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. 


Winners: Samoa Joe & Wardlow

Marshall then stumbles his way back into the ring, but that's a mistake as he becomes the latest victim of the Powerbomb Symphony. Wardlow hits him with one move, but then Prince Nana and The Embassy make their way out, and he says he's disappointed in them for sticking their noses in their business. Brian Cage then repeats that message, and he says he hasn't said FTR all day...but then they appear!

Dax Harwood says there are three of them, but Wardlow and Joe just worked so they can't ask them to compete again. Instead, they have a Canadian in mind...Shawn Spears! He throws Aaron Solow into the ring to be hit with the Big Rig as the babyfaces celebrate.

Swerve Strickland vs. Billy Gunn

Swerve Strickland tries to talk trash to Billy Gunn, and instead, he eats a right hand from the veteran, as he then drops the younger man with a couple of shoulder tackle, and he teases pulling his shorts down. That all allows Strickland to get back into things with a low dropkick which catches Gunn at the knee, sending him to the outside. He continues the attack out there with a chop block as Gunn is then sent into the stairs. 


The two then get back into the ring where Swerve continues to attack the injured area, following it up with a huge kick to the back of the knee. He then lifts up Gunn and drives the knee to the mat. Gunn responds with a few punches to get some separation, but once again Strickland attacks the leg, and then sends him out of the ring, following up by hitting a diving knee drop to the leg of Gunn. 

Back inside the ring and Daddy Ass reverses by dropping Swerve down to the mat, and he then drops him several times with some clotheslines and then a jackhammer. He looks for a Famouser but it is avoided, and Swerve once again attacks the knee and then a flatliner. He heads to the top turnbuckle and stomps down on Gunn, yet he is able to kick out! Gunn then tries to slam Swerve down, but he reverses and sneaks a pinfall by grabbing hold of the ropes when the official isn't looking. 


Winner: Swerve Strickland

After the match, The Acclaimed and Gunn were going to scissor, but Mark Sterling appears with Tony Nese. They have a document sent to them from the USA, and Sterling now owns the term, "Scissor Me," which means the team can't do the action, say the words, and money from their t-shirts goes to him. He says if they do it he will sue them so hard they will be stuck in court and will have to forfeit the titles. Sterling is willing to work with them if they have an offer, but until then he says, "Scissor Me Daddy Nese."

MJF is being interviewed backstage and Stokely Hathaway interrupts but MJF doesn't find it funny and he puts him on time out. He says strike one was last week, when he got involved without being asked, and if he does it again he will be fired. MJF then says William Regal is as villainous as Mary Poppins, and he doesn't want to be reminded of their dark past. He doesn't know if he was going to shake hands with Wheeler Yuta, but he knows nice guys finish last. He knows the locker room hates him, but people don't have a clue what it is like to be him, knowing he has to be the bad guy. He says he doesn't like himself either, but that's what it takes to be World Champion, and he will do that. 


Let's Hear From Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley says it is good to be back in Toronto, and he talks about how different people have tried to take his title over the years, but being World Champion isn't easy as you have a target. People want something from you always, you live in pain, and lots of guys get to that point and they crumble and self-destruct... some faster than others. He says a champion doesn't have the luxury of doubt, as it is a dirty job and you need to be ruthless, and he loves this job. 


"Hangman" Adam Page then makes his way down and asks for the microphone, which the champion provides. Page tells him that whatever he has to say about him, he wants Moxley to say to his face, but he thinks he said it all last week. Page said he'd be lying if he didn't say that what Moxley said last week meant the world to him, because he has watched him and has come to respect him in and out of the ring. 

Page puts over Moxley as a champion, a father, and a husband, MJF is then shown watching them. Page says Moxley shattered the illusions he had when he called him a kid, and Moxley admits that is exactly what he thinks about him. He doesn't think Page is the same guy that knocked him off a ladder, and if he gets the shot to take him out he doesn't think Page has it in him to pull the trigger.


Page admits he might not be the same guy, he hesitated in May and it cost him the title, he went for the Trios Championship and he failed, then week after week they seemingly disappeared, his old friends have done. Page is left with nothing, and he is angry, he can't sleep, he's depressed, and the medicine isn't working but he's still here because he is a man. He's a father and a husband, he's been beaten till he turns blue, but he keeps coming back because he's a man, as he punches himself in the head repeatedly. 

Page says he knows what he has to do, as he doesn't care if his family is in the crowd, he will do whatever it takes to get the title back. He says he will be the next AEW World Champion, and unlike MJF he wanted to tell him face to face, and he shoulders him on the way out.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Bryan Danielson (ROH World Championship Match)

Chris Jericho tries to shake Bryan Danielson's hand but the challenger kicks it away and the two men then begin chopping each other as they then show more aggression. Danielson sends Jericho out of the ring and then connects with a huge tope suicida, and then several headbutts and sharp kicks back inside the ring. Jericho fights back with an attack of his own then, finishing it off with a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle. 


Jericho takes too long with the crowd, and that allows Danielson to pick the ankle as he then begins dropping knee strikes to Jericho. Danielson begins firing in with several huge strikes, but the champion has hold of the ropes to stop the pinfall attempt. Jericho then fights back with a chop of his own before dropping Danielson with a DDT, a springboard dropkick, and then a dive from the turnbuckles to the outside. 

Jericho tries to dive back into the ring but Danielson gets to the top rope and connects with an avalanche butterfly suplex, and he then gets the LeBell Lock set in, but Jericho transitions and locks in the Walls Of Jericho. The challenger rolls out and starts throwing strikes at Jericho before he puts in the Liontamer himself, placing pressure on the back of the champion. 


Jericho gets out and immediately is hit with a roundhouse kick to the head, and then it is time for the hammer and anvil elbow strikes. Jericho catches one and reverses it into a fireman's carry, providing some distance between them as he follows up with a kick, but he then misses with the Lionsault. Danielson doesn't miss with his leaping knee though, and he follows it with a second. 

The American Dragon goes to the well too many times though, and on the third attempt he is caught with a Codebreaker in mid-air, leading to a near fall. The referee then accidentally gets hit by Danielson, and Daddy Magic then hands the ROH World Championship to Jericho, but Daniel Garcia runs down and pulls it away from him. He pushes Jericho which sets up the Busaika Knee, but then Garcia blasts Danielson with his own title, allowing the champion to retain.

Winner (and still ROH World Champion): Chris Jericho

After the match Jericho and Garcia hug as Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli come to help Danielson. 

Renee Paquette is then shown with Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose as she claims to be the TBS Champion.  Anna Jay appears and challenges her to a title match, despite not being the real champion, and Rose accepts. 


Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

Hikaru Shida sends Jamie Hayter to the mat immediately, but as she teases making a tag the Englishwoman then takes a keep shot and then nails a big chop to the former champion. However, Shida responds well and then sends her into the corner as Toni Storm tags in and connects with a huge thrust kick coming off the ropes. She follows up with an elbow in the corner, but before she can deliver the Hip Attack, Britt Baker grabs her foot. 


The distraction works well as Hayter is able to hit a big boot, and the heels then dominate her, yanking Storm into the ring post. Hayter then continues to remain in control, slamming Storm down to the mat, but the interim champion fires back with some shots of her own only to hit a neck breaker as double tags are made. Shida hammers in on Baker, following up with a jumping knee. 

She then begins firing down right hands in the corner, and while Hayter tries to stop her, he ends up being superplexed into the ring as Baker then gets stacked on top of her with a suplex. She springs off the middle rope with a knee strike, but Baker is able to kick out. Baker then catches the leg of Shida, sending it into Hayter who connects with a backbreaker. Storm charges in and takes out Hayter, but Baker disposes of the champion and then puts the glove on. 


Shida tries to fight against both her opponents until she is dropped with a double thrust kick, and it seems like they have it won until Storm breaks things up. She then runs around the ropes with a DDT to Baker, planting her with a Storm Zero, but Hayter charges into Storm to fall back on the pinfall attempt. Shida takes out Hayter, and Storm follows it with a DDT outside the ring. 

Baker almost get a pinfall on Shida, but she then sets in the Lockjaw, but Shida responds with a pinfall attempt, and she then plants Baker. The two women then go back and forth with some pinfall attempts, and it is Shida who got the best of that. 

Winners: Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm

PAC (c) vs. Orange Cassidy (All-Atlantic Championship Match)

Orange Cassidy attempts the Orange Punch immediately, but that is something that just annoys the champion who then takes complete control with his striking ability. He then sets Cassidy with his hands in his pockets, and the Englishman does Cassidy's usual slow clocks, but as he tries another Cassidy springs up and dropkicks him. He tries to follow with a dive to the outside but PAC simply catches him and then hits a Falcon's Arrow on the outside. 


PAC continues to remain in control with his strikes proving to be crucial. He then decides to drag Cassidy all the way up the gigantic ramp, getting to the top to deliver a Tombstone Piledriver. He tries to win by countout, but Cassidy uses the downhill element of things to just roll his way to beat the count! However, he rolls straight into the Brutalizer only for Cassidy to get the bottom rope. 

Outside the ring, PAC tries to use the hammer again but that is stopped, and Cassidy hits a huge DDT outside the ring, and then again inside. He follows it up with the Orange Punch, but somehow the champion is able to kick out! Cassidy then tries to jump onto him from the turnbuckle to the apron but PAC blocks it, only for Cassidy to reverse again with a Beach Break on the apron. 


He looks for another inside the ring but PAC reverses with a suplex into a bridge, with the challenger kicking out. He then transitions into the Brutalizer, but Cassidy is able to get the ropes. The champion tries to get the hammer once again, but a mystery man puts his hand to stop's Danhausen! He eats a punch, but the official sees the hammer and takes it, only for PAC to grab one from under the ring straight after.

However, before he can use it, Cassidy connects with the Orange Punch, but he doesn't cover him and instead teases using the hammer himself. While he thinks, PAC goes for a roll-up, yet Cassidy kicks out, nails two Orange Punch's and claims the gold. 

Winner (and new All-Atlantic Champion): Orange Cassidy