AEW Rampage Results (10/14) - The Pinnacle Vs. The Embassy, Ethan Page Vs. Isiah Kassidy, Blackpool Combat Club In Action

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "AEW Rampage" on October 14, 2022!

Shawn Spears and FTR of The Pinnacle will reunite to take on The Embassy's Brian Cage and Gates of Agony. This will be Spears' first match back since making his shocking return to the company this past Wednesday on "Dynamite" in his home country of Canada in order to help FTR, Wardlow and Samoa Joe take down The Embassy. Will he be able to take home the win in his first match back?

The Firm's Ethan Page (with Stokely Hathaway at ringside) will take on Isiah Kassidy (with mentor Matt Hardy and tag team partner Marq Quen in his corner) in a high stakes match. If Kassidy wins, then Private Party are officially free from The Firm's grasp to do as they please, but if he loses, then Hardy must become a member of The Firm. With so much on the line, who will come out on top?

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and former ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli of Blackpool Combat Club will face The Butcher and The Blade (with The Bunny in their corner) in tag team action. Butcher and Blade look to seek vengeance for their boss, RUSH, after the two men and Wheeler Yuta defeated him and Private Party in tag team action last week. Will they be able to do so?

"The Native Beast" Nyla Rose (with manager Vickie Guerrero and Marina Shafir by her side) will square off with Jericho Appreciation Society's Anna Jay A.S. (with "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard and "Cool Hand" Angelo Parker in her corner) in single's action. Rose recently stole the TBS Championship from current titleholder Jade Cargill and has been calling it her own. Will the self-proclaimed 'new TBS Champion' be able to score the win?

Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Butcher and The Blade (w/ The Bunny)

We are live! Blackpool Combat Club, The Butcher and The Blade are waiting in the ring as Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone greet audiences at home.

The bell rings and Moxley hits Blade with a chop. Moxley hits Blade with several chops as "Hangman" Adam Page watches on from backstage. Castagnoli tags in and goes for a pin but Blade kicks out. Butcher tags in and Castagnoli hits a delayed vertical suplex. Blade tags back in and Castagnoli hits a running uppercut. He tosses Blade into the corner and charges at him, but Bunny inserts herself between the two. This allows Blade to attack him from behind.

Back from the break, Butcher tags in. Blade hits a kick on him before Butcher hits a clothesline. The two double team on Castagnoli before Castagnoli fires back with an uppercut and a lariat. Blade and Moxley tag in. Moxley hits a cutter, then follows it up with a splash. He rakes Blade's back, then hits a suplex off the middle rope. He hits the Pile Driver, then goes for a pin, but Blade kicks out. Butcher tags in and the two look to double team on him, but Castagnoli makes the save. The two teams face off before Moxley and Castagnoli hit a pair of lariats on Butcher and Blade. Castagnoli tags in and the two hit the Death Rider and The Ricola Bomb for the win.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

After the match, Moxley grabs a mic and asks Castagnoli if they care who they get in the ring with. He says no. Castagnoli then tells Page on Moxley's behalf that he'll get stepped on next week.

We then head backstage to Renee Paquette and Swerve In Our Glory. Paquette asks what's next for them and Swerve says their next goal is to get championship gold. He says he thinks it's hilarious that The Acclaimed can't use the term "scissoring" anymore after "Smart" Mark Sterling announced he trademarked the term. Keith Lee says he cheated to win and that means nothing. He tells Swerve he's "swerving into the wrong lane."

Back from the break, Dark Order is standing by with Paquette. Paquette asks what's next, but before they can answer, Jose The Assistant walks in. 10 says that his attempts to get him to join LFI are not just affecting him, but the rest of Dark Order. He then challenges RUSH to a match next week and if he wins, then LFI has to leave him alone for good. They all put their hands in the middle before a 5th hand appears and we zoom out to see that it's Stu Grayson!

We Hear From The Jericho Appreciation Society

The Jericho Appreciation Society then makes their way to the ring. Angelo Parker grabs a mic and says the family is back together. Menard says that the JAS will be together forever before Anna Jay A.S. introduces Daniel Garcia.

Garcia says people want to know why he did what he did on Wednesday and says Jericho has always said sports entertainers are superior. He says fans told him otherwise and he believed them, but ultimately he will never be a pro wrestler. He says Bryan Danielson taught him about heart and guts, but Jericho taught him how to win by hitting him in the head with his title. He says sports entertainers beat pro wrestlers every time and calls himself a sports entertainer. Jericho says he is the greatest ROH Champion ever.

Dalton Castle's music hits before he and The Boys appear. Castle calls Jericho a "naive, silly little goose." He says he broke his back for the title and he's willing to break Jericho's back to give the viewers the champion that they deserve. He calls himself a power peacock and says the energy in the arena is fueled by the electricity in his veins. He challenges Jericho for his title on next week's "Dynamite" and Jericho accepts. Jericho says he will pull out Castle's feathers one by one and that the Ring of Jericho era is here.

Nyla Rose, Vickie Guerrero and Marina Shafir head to the ring with four security guards. Anna Jay A.S. waits inside.

Anna Jay A.S. (w/ Matt Menard and Angelo Parker) vs. Nyla Rose (w/ Marina Shafir and Vickie Guerrero)

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before Jay hits a knee to Rose's midsection. Rose fires back with a body slam, followed by a leg drop. She goes for a pin, but Jay kicks out. Rose whips Jay into the corner and delivers a splash. She looks for a cannonball, but Jay rolls out of the way.

Back from the break, Jay hits a swinging neck breaker. She goes for a pin, but Rose kicks out. Jay hits a boot, but Rose sends her into the corner. She delivers the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

After the match, Vickie Guerrero holds up a sign that says 1-0. Jade Cargill's music hits and her and The Baddies head to the ring. The Baddies look to attack Rose and take the TBS Championship back, but the security guards stop them. Cargill takes them all down while Guerrero, Rose and Shafir slip away. 

Ethan Page vs. Isiah Kassidy

Ethan Page and Isiah Kassidy are both waiting in the ring.

The bell rings and Page delivers a pump kick. He sends Kassidy to the mat, then hits a shoulder tackle. Page mocks Hardy before Kassidy manages to hit a moonsault and a DDT. He goes for a pin, but Page kicks out. Page rolls to the outside before Kassidy delivers a Tornado. Page hits a Twist Of Fate, followed by Ego's Edge for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

FTR and Shawn Spears head to the ring, followed by The Embassy.

Shawn Spears and FTR vs. The Embassy

Spears and Cage begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Kaun tags in and he locks up with Spears. Spears delivers a snapmare before hitting his signature ten right hands in the corner. Spears sends Gates of Agony to the outside, but Liona catches him and sends him to the floor. Liona and Cage send Spears into the ring apron, then toss him back inside. Liona tags in and hits Spears with a kick. He hits several shoulders to Spears' midsection in the corner, then tags in Cage.

Cage delivers a right hand, but Spears fires back with a pair of chops. Cage hits an uppercut, then follows it up with a suplex. He goes for a pin, but Spears kicks out. Cage deliversa chop, then tags in Kaun. Kaun hits a kick to Spears' back, then sends him into the top turnbuckle. Cage hits a suplex, then goes for a pin but Spears kicks out. Cage gets Spears up on his shoulders, but Spears escapes. Kaun tags in and tries to prevent Spears from making the tag. He is unsuccessful and Spears makes the hot tag to Harwood.

Harwood beats Kaun down. He delivers a spinebuster, but Kaun takes him down and tags in Cage. Cage hits an ax handle, then goes for a pin but Wheeler breaks it up. Kaun tags back in and the two look to hit a double suplex, but Wheeler saves Harwood. The pair lock in sharpshooters on Kaun and Cage before Spears locks one in on Prince Nana. Liona breaks all the submissions. Kaun rolls up Harwood with his hand on the rope, but Wheeler catches him and knocks it off. Spears tags in and hits Kaun with the C-4 for the win.

Winners: Shawn Spears and FTR

After the match, The Kingdom's music hit and Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven head to the ring. Maria introduces herself and says FTR have never competed against them. She says the ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships belong to them and AEW on their backs (since they helped build the company).

Bennett and Taven head to the ring as The Embassy blindsides FTR and Spears with an attack. Taven and Bennett join in before Samoa Joe and Wardlow head down to even the odds. The Kingdom and The Embassy retreat.