Gangrel Says WWE Legend Stole His Watch As Part Of A Four-Month Rib

Gangrel has been involved with pro wrestling for decades on camera and behind the scenes. With such a storied history, he's worked with some of the most legendary stars, including the late, great Owen Hart. Owen was universally known backstage for being the best ribber – someone that plays pranks on others – and on a K & S WrestleFest virtual meet & greet Gangrel shared his own experience getting fooled.

"I go in [the locker room] this time, and there's all these ... Little people, right? So they're all in there, and I'm like, 'What are they all doing in here?' So, I would dress – I'll keep it short – I put my watch into my bag and everything and I go out and wrestle. I come back to get dressed and my watch is gone. I'm like, 'What?' So I want to go accuse these little people because they've never been in a locker room before but I didn't think that would look cool or anything saying, 'Hey, you little bastards, you stole my watch!'" 

"As I was leaving out, and right where catering was and everything, Owen stopped me and goes, 'Hey, Dave. What time is it?' I had my other watch on, I had my gym watch, and I went, 'Oh, it's 10:30.' 'Okay, thanks.' I didn't think anything of it. I don't know, four months go by or something, I'm dressing in that same spot, I go wrestle. I come back, I go to get dressed and my watch is there ... I go to walk out and as I'm passing that same exact spot where catering was and everything, Owen goes, 'Hey Dave, what time is it?' 'Oh!' I didn't sell it, I just told him what time it was and I walked, and I go, 'That son of a b***h! He got me.'"