AEW Dynamite Results (10/18): AEW World Championship Match, Dalton Castle Challenges Chris Jericho

This is Wrestling INC.'s results  of "AEW Dynamite" for October 18, 2022!

Tonight is a special Tuesday edition of the show which will see AEW go head-to-head with "WWE NXT," and because of that Tony Khan has stacked the card, with four championship matches set to take place. This includes the main event which will see the AEW World Championship be defended as Jon Moxley puts the title on the line against "Hangman" Adam Page.

Another major title match that is slated for the show will see Chris Jericho continue his quest to take down all the former ROH World Champions. He will be defending his ROH World Championship against Dalton Castle after the current ROH World Six-Man Champion challenged him during the most recent episode of "AEW Rampage."

Last week saw Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida team up to defeat Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, but while they made great partners, tonight they will be opponents. Former champion Shida will be getting a shot at the Interim AEW Women's World Championship on the show as she pushes to try and claim the gold.

The fourth title match will see the AEW World Trios Championships be put on the line as Death Triangle defend against Best Friends. Issues have been boiling between these groups as of late, especially since Orange Cassidy took the AEW All-Atlantic Championship from PAC last week, but can he claim gold against the Englishman again?

It isn't just in-ring action taking place tonight though, as it has also been confirmed that MJF will be speaking during the show, while William Regal is set to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone. AEW's newest signing Renee Paquette will also be involved in the show as she speaks to Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta.

Death Triangle (c) vs. Best Friends (AEW World Trios Championship Match)

PAC immediately charges in and nails Orange Cassidy with a big boot while he's on the apron, but his lack of focus on Trent leads to him being dropped with a clothesline. The Lucha Bros then come in and they take out the Best Friends, launching Chuck Taylor into Trent in the corner as Rey Fenix follows up with a senton. He continues the attack on Trent, but it backfires as the tag team end up taking him down. 

The champions then send their challengers to the outside and take flight afterward to drop everyone outside the ring. Back inside they all get a shot at Cassidy before a triple dropkick takes place as the All-Atlantic Champion is isolated in their corner and nailed with chops. PAC then tries to superplex Cassidy but the two tag tams get involved and it ends up in a huge spot as everyone ends up dropping down to the mat.

Each man then takes each other out in a chain of events with Trent the last man standing after a DDT to Fenix. He then throws PAC out of the ring only to be hit with a double superkick, and the Lucha Bros then hold onto Cassidy, allowing PAC to nail a dropkick to him. Death Triangle then hit a fantastic triple team to Cassidy, but Best Friends break up the pinfall. 

They then drop Penta with a triple team as Best Friends held him while Cassidy climbed to their shoulders to drop down on them, but PAC breaks things up. He then grabs the hammer used for the ring bell, but Fenix stops him using it. Cassidy almost catches PAC with a roll-up after, but they both end up tagging out. Penta looks for a Destroyer to Trent but he reverses and Taylor plants him to the ring, only for their pinfall attempt to be broken up. Fenix hits a double cutter to Taylor as he then plants Trent to the mat to retain.

Winners (and still AEW World Trios Champions): Death Triangle

After the match PAC and Fenix have words together as the Englishman is not happy, but they shake hands and get past it.

Tony Schiavone is then shown backstage with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter as they're not happy about tonight's title match. They promise that by the end of the year, one of them will hold the gold. 

Toni Storm (c) vs. Hikaru Shida (Interim AEW Women's World Championship Match)

The two women shake hands to start things, and they waste no time getting down to business with the champion dropping Hikaru Shida with a shoulder tackle only for the challenger to respond with a dropkick. Toni Storm manages to send Shida out to the floor with a Hip Attack though, and back inside the ring the aggression rises between them as Storm gets some shots in before launching Shida across the ring by her hair. 

The two then begin going back and forth with forearm strikes with Shida then bringing Storm down with a hurricanrana which she follows with a jumping knee strike. In the corner she beats down on the head of the champion with right hands, coming down with a missile dropkick for good measure. Storm comes back with a forearm shot of her own, and once again the two slug it out. 

Storm connects with a headbutt but Shida then responds with an enziguri as both women end up down. The ladies head to the top turnbuckle but several headbutts from Shida sends the champion down as she follows with a Meteora, planting her down to the ring once again but only getting a near fall. However, Storm then avoids the next move and hits a German Suplex and the Hip Attack in the corner. 

Whatever Storm has planned next is blocked by Shida, and she then plants the champion down but only gets a near fall herself. The two then go back and forth with roll-ups, but neither gets the win as Storm hits a huge German Suplex into a bridge, which Shida kicks out from. Storm hits a big forearm strike afterward and then busts out the Storm Zero to retain. 

Winner (and still AEW Women's World Champion): Toni Storm

As soon as she wins Jamie Hayter and Rebel begin attacking Storm, but Saraya then charges her way down, taking out Baker as the two of them begin brawling at ringside. She sends Baker into the crowd, and then Riho makes her return to take out Rebel and Hayter, hitting a huge crossbody out of the ring.

A video package is then shown as Wardlow and Samoa Joe talk about The Kingdom, making it clear they have no problem taking them out. 

Renee Paquette is then shown with FTR backstage as they admit there's a big target on their back, but they want the AEW World Tag Team Championships. They're interrupted by Swerve In Our Glory as they make it clear they deserve the title shot. Keith Lee calms his partner down, and says they both deserve the show and Dax Harwood suggests the two teams face off to become number one contenders. 

Jay Lethal is shown backstage requesting a rematch from Darby Allin, and he agrees and says he will beat him again. Sonjay Dutt then says they know Allin's weakness, and it leads to the two men jumping him and launching him into a metal guard which they then drop down to crush the ribs of Allin. Lethal then applies a Figure Four Leglock which he cannot get out of.

Let's Hear From William Regal

Tony Schiavone is shown inside the ring with Blackpool Combat Club's William Regal, but before he can speak a word MJF makes his presence known. He claims he isn't here to fight so he tells Regal to put the brass knuckles away as he's here to tell a story and claims that Regal owes him so he should listen.

MJF talks about being told he had WWE extra work when he was 19, and he packed his best gear and went to the Barclays Center. The extras were put together and were spoken to by none other than William Regal. He told them they'd be having tryout matches, and MJF recalls some of the people who were watching on. He was shaking and he knew he was fighting for his life because wrestling is his life.

Regal told MJF to go into a room and told him to sell himself and that's what he did, with MJF claiming Regal's jaw was on the floor and he said, "Kid, I'm gonna get you a job here today." Then he realized he was going to be a superstar, and then Regal asked how old he was, and Regal said he was much too young. Regal gave him hope, and said he doesn't always put his name on people but when they do they get jobs, and he agreed that he would personally put his name on that. 

Regal wanted a match and a promo every month from MJF, but after month three he sent him another. Regal told him he was a busy man and he said the game has changed as WWE hires the best talent, and when MJF was one of them he should send his stuff to him. MJF tells Regal squandered his dream, and he said when he read that email he wanted to quit wrestling, it made him want to kill himself. 

MJF says Regal is now a sad old man who got fired and has snuck into his company by leaning on talent who were better than he ever was. Meanwhile, he's MJF and he's a generational talent, and WWE would now take several human lives to sign him. MJF says he still reads the email every day to give him a laugh, as Regal has become nothing more than a joke, and now he's about to become AEW World Champion.

Regal then gets on the microphone and gets booed. Regal talks about being 16 having to fight men to get into this industry, he says he saw somebody who was going to be a big star in MJF, and he wanted to light a fire under him. He says if an email is what it took to get him to this place then he's had it easy. He's mastered something, which Regal told him to practice, and he could see his talent on the microphone back then. 

Regal says anyone who steps in between the ropes is fair game, but you don't put your hands on someone like Schiavone. The problem is that MJF has let him down by taking shortcuts. Making money doesn't prove anything to him, he tells him to become the Devil he has to beat people, and he says if he wants to do it then he can show the world right now, as he turns his back to MJF. 

MJF puts on his ring and teases punching Regal in the back of his head, but he doesn't do it and Regal tells him he still has a lot to prove. 

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Dalton Castle (ROH World Championship Match)

Renee Paquette is with The Acclaimed and they say on Friday it will be titles vs. trademarks.

Bryan Danielson explains to Paquette that losing to Chris Jericho wasn't ideal, he had high hopes for Danial Garcia, he believes he could surpass what he can do from a technical stand point, and with the right guidance he could be the best wrestler he's ever seen, which Wheeler Yuta doesn't appreciate hearing. He asks Danielson how he wasn't surprised by what happened last week. He says when he bled for the Blackpool Combat Club he thought it meant something, but clearly it doesn't to Danielson.

Chris Jericho vs. Dalton Castle

Chris Jericho offers his hand to Dalton Castle, but he turns it down, reaches inside his ring gear and then flips the bird at him. This fires up the champion, but Castle drops him twice with shoulder tackles and then a hip toss. He charges in again but gets sent out of the ring as he then calms down with The Boys fanning him as the crowd gets behind him, and back inside the ring he throws Jericho around the ring three-times in a row. 

Castle then decides to neutralize the threat of Jake Hager on the outside by launching The Boys into him repeatedly as Castle then showcases his amateur background with his mat-based wrestling, but Jericho responds with a rake to the eye. He then takes advantage and mocks him with a pinfall attempt by just standing on Castle with one foot. 

Jericho sets Castle onto the top turnbuckle as he follows up with several chops, but the challenger fights back by sending Jericho down only to eat a dropkick in mid-air when he attempts to dive down on him after. The challenger attempts to charge into Jericho in the corner but misses and falls to the floor, only to respond by setting Jericho over the top rope as he dropkicks him off to the floor.

Inside the ring the two men hit a double crossbody and take each other down, while Hager begins taking out all of The Boys after they take his hat. Castle manages to lock in a submission which is reversed into the Walls Of Jericho only for Castle to grab the ropes. He and Aubrey Edwards argue as he pushes her, and she responds by doing the same. The two men then go back and forth with forearm strikes, and Jericho comes out on top.

However, as he looks for the Lionsault, Castle grabs him on the second rope and then connects with a huge German Suplex. Jericho then attempts a Codebreaker but it is reversed into the Bang-A-Rang, with the champion just kicking out in time. Castle fires in with several forearm strikes, but out of nowhere Jericho responds with the Judas Effect to retain.

Winner (and still ROH World Champion): Chris Jericho

After the win he tells everyone to honor him, he's taken out champions and ring announcers, and even commentators. Jericho Appreciation Society grab Ian Riccaboni and they look to hit him with the title until Jerry Lynn makes the save. However, he gets hit with a low blow as Jericho then piledrives Lynn onto the title.

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Hangman Adam Page (AEW World Championship Match)

"Hangman" Adam Page opts to not wait for Jon Moxley to come to him from the crowd, and instead the challenger heads out and meets him in the crowd as they begin brawling, suplexing the champion onto the floor. Page then climbs up the seats as he launches himself off a platform with a moonsault to Moxley who is down on the floor. The champion, who is of course busted open already, then takes the fight back to "Hangman," and the two make it back to the ringside area. 

Moxley charges through the ropes with a tope suicida, sending his challenger into the barricade as he then begins unloading chops as the match officially begins. Despite that they immediately go back to the floor and Moxley is launched into the steel stairs. Back inside the ring the two men throw chops as Moxley then adds in some forearm strikes only for Page to charge him into the turnbuckles.

The champion responds with a lariat in the corner and then some right hands and a bite to the head before hitting a superplex, but Page kicks out. Moxley then grabs his arms and starts stomping down on the challenger. The two then end up on the apron as Page connects with Dead Eye! Page then locks in a Single Crab, but the champion rolls out and then applies a step-over choke, but he gets the rope.

The two then head to the top rope as Page connects with a Fallaway Slam, but it only brings a near fall. Moxley then looks for a German Suplex but Page lands on his feet and hits a lariat, but Page has no time to relax as he is then dropped with the King Kong lariat which turns his challenger inside out. The doctor then has to get into the ring to check on Page, and the match is brought to an end due to injury 

Winner (and still AEW World Champion): Jon Moxley

After a brief break in the programming, Moxley says he hopes and prays that Page recovers 100% and can walk and talk again and perform for the fans again. He says this is a dangerous game and you have to have guts to play it as you need to put everything on the line. Mox says he saw MJF talk sh*t earlier and he usually allows it, so if he wants to prove himself why doesn't he come out here right now...which he does. 

MJF charges down to the ring with the chip in his hand, but he then pushes it into the hand of William Regal and then he gets on the microphone. He says he doesn't want Moxley at 50%, he wants to beat him so there is no question, and he is cashing it in at Full Gear! MJF tells Regal that for the first time in his miserable life, he's going to earn it. Moxley then responds and says MJF will earn the heel of his boot in his mouth, he will sh*t out his teeth, and a date with destiny. He will show the world that getting into the ring with him is dangerous as hell.