WWE NXT Results (10/18) - Sonya Deville Vs. Alba Fyre, Pick Your Poison Matches, Schism Vs. Cameron Grimes And The O.C.

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE NXT" on October 18, 2022!

Archrivals Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade have picked each other's poison before they face off at Halloween Havoc this Saturday in a Weapons Wild Match, as Jade will take on Raquel Rodriguez of "SmackDown" and Perez will take on Rhea Ripley of "Raw". Jade officially put an end to her friendship with Perez when she hit her with a baseball bat during The Great American Bash while the pair held the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championships. Jade threw her belt in the trash the following week and stated she was jealous of Perez.

Elsewhere in the women's division, Alba Fyre will be taking on Sonya Deville in her first match back on the brand. Deville shocked the WWE Universe when she popped out from the crowd to take out Fyre last week following her match against Jacy Jayne. Later on in the same show, she made it clear that she had Toxic Attraction's back and showed her support of "NXT" Women's Championship and best friend Mandy Rose. Which woman will come out on top?

Schism members Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid look to score a win over Cameron Grimes, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in their mission to exact their vengeance on Grimes. Schism has made several appeals to get Grimes to join them over the past several weeks, but Grimes has made it clear that he has no interest in sitting under their tree. He then cost Fowler and Reid their Triple Threat Number One Contender's Match for the "NXT" Tag Team Championships last week, which led to the irate trio challenging him to a match. In need of partners, Grimes headed over to "Raw" this past Monday and pleaded his case to The O.C. before the duo agreed to help him out.

Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo will be facing a mystery opponent of Tony D'Angelo's choosing following his loss to Wes Lee last week. D'Angelo expressed his discontent for the losses Stacks has suffered over the past few weeks and told him that he needed to prove himself worthy, hinting that Stacks would 'know his opponent from their music.' Who will "The Don" choose?

Former North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams will be teaming up to take on Wes Lee and Oro Mensah. Lee has been at odds with Hayes and Williams over the past few weeks, with the pair attacking Lee following his match with Stacks last week. Mensah rushed to his aid and helped him take them down. Which team will come out on top?

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Judgment Day heads to the ring. Roxanne Perez follows.

Roxanne Perez vs. Rhea Ripley

The bell rings and the two lock up. Ripley sends Perez out of the ring before Perez gets back in and the two exchange submissions. Perez looks for a head scissors take down, but Ripley blocks it. Perez hits several chops before Ripley takes her down with a head butt and a vicious clothesline. Perez delivers a series of forearms, but Ripley fires back with a kick to Perez's shin. Perez sends Ripley to the outside, then follows her out there. She looks to go flying, but Ripley catches her and sends her face first into the apron.

Back from the break, Ripley rains down right hands on the back of Perez's head. Perez fires back with a few kicks to Ripley's thigh, then looks for a Russian Leg Sweep. Ripley counters the move and Perez instead delivers an uppercut. She manages to send Ripley into the ring post, then takes her down with a tope suicida. The two women ascend to the top rope before Perez hits a tijeras. She goes for a pin, but Ripley kicks out. Ripley looks for Riptide, but Perez escapes and looks for Pop Rocks. Dominik Mysterio distracts Perez from the outside, allowing Ripley to deliver a head butt and follow it up with Riptide for the win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

We head backstage to see The O.C. and Grimes preparing for their match. Gimes says he has the hottest tag team in the business in his corner before Gallows says they're "too sweet." Gallows asks Grimes why they think they accepted his offer and Grimes flaunts cash in front of their face. Anderson says they want to go "to the moon."

Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo head to the ring. D'Angelo says tonight is a big night and tells Stacks that he's looking strong. He says before he introduces Stacks' opponent, this match is about earning respect and proving himself. D'Angelo says the mystery opponent will be introduced after the commercial.

Back from the break, we head to Grayson Waller and McKenzie Mitchell. Waller says that everyone keeps forgetting that he already beat Apollo Crews and says he told everyone he would kick Crews out of "NXT." Chucky the Doll then appears on the screen behind him and tells him to shut his mouth. He announces his match against Crews at Halloween Havoc will now be a Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal Match.

Back at ringside, Stacks' mystery opponent heads down and it is...Shinsuke Nakamura!!

Channing Stacks Lorenzo vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The bell rings and Stacks delivers a kick to Nakamura's midsection. Nakamura fires back with a jumping knee, then goes for a pin but Stacks kicks out. Nakamura slams Stacks into the mat, then fires off several kicks. Stacks hits a few forearms, then locks in a chin lock. Nakamura escapes and hits a kick to Stacks' chest. He hits a sliding German simplex, then goes for a pin but Stacks kicks out. Nakamura locks in an arm bar, but Stacks escapes. Nakamura lands a kick to his head, then sends him to the outside with a Kinchasa. He tosses him back in the ring and delivers a second Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, D'Angelo tells Stacks that he showed guts and tells him he's proud of him.

We head backstage to Axiom and Nathan Frazer discussing their Best of Three Series. Axiom says he'll be cheering him on at Halloween Havoc in the North American Championship Ladder Match. Von Wagner and Mr. Stone walk in. He says they're nothing more than internet darlings and their three classics will amount to nothing.

Back at ringside, Alba Fyre heads down.

Back from the break, Sonya Deville and Toxic Attraction head to the ring.

Alba Fyre vs. Sonya Deville

The bell rings and the two lock up. Deville slaps Fyre before Fyre delivers a head butt. She follows it up with a back elbow, then ascends to the middle rope. Deville trips her before hitting a kick and goes for a pin, but Fyre kicks out. Deville whips Fyre into the corner, but Fyre comes back with several chops. She hits a knee, then climbs to the top. Dolin trips her before getting in the ring as Deville charges at her. Fyre pulls Dolin in front of her and Deville hits her with a knee. This allows Fyre to roll Deville up for the win.

Winner: Alba Fyre

After the match, Toxic Attraction and Deville launch an attack on Fyre. Toxic Attraction's music hits and Mandy Rose appears. Rose says she made the wrong decision by abducting her. She says she will be more callous and vicious at Halloween Havoc, then heads into the ring. Fyre takes down Deville, Dolin and Jayne with her bat, then looks to do the same to Rose but Rose rolls out of the ring.

We then head backstage and see Wes Lee and Oro Mensah getting ready for their match. Lee thanks Mensah for helping him out last week before Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams come out of nowhere and attack them. The four men then continue to brawl down the ramp as they head to the ring.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Wes Lee and Oro Mensah

Back from the break, Williams delivers a jumping forearm to Lee. Mensah and Hayes tag in. Mensah takes Hayes down with a tijeras, then delivers a drop kick. Williams tags in and fires off a few right hands. Mensah takes Williams down before Lee and Hayes tag in. Lee delivers an enziguri, then ascends to the top. Williams pushes him off, allowing Hayes to deliver a code breaker. He hits a split legged leg drop off the top rope for the win.

Winners: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

After the match, Hayes and Williams launch an attack on Mensah and Lee. The two men fight back and manage to take down Williams, but Hayes goes flying over the top rope to take them out. Von Wagner comes out of nowhere and hits Lee with a boot before Frazer appears and levels Wagner.

We head to a video from Schism ahead of their match against Cameron Grimes and The O.C.

Back from the break, we head to Bron Breakker and McKenzie Mitchell. Breakker says that he finished what Dragunov started and says he can either go around them or through them.

Back from the break, Schism is waiting in the ring. Cameron Grimes and The O.C. head down.

Schism vs. Cameron Grimes and The O.C.

Grimes and Reid begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Grimes trips Reid before delivering a shoulder tackle and a kick. He hits a running knee. Fowler tags in and Grimes hits several right hands and kicks. Anderson tags in and he sends Fowler into the top turnbuckle face first. He delivers a back elbow, then goes for a pin but Fowler kicks out. Gallows tags in and delivers a series of lefts and rights to Fowler's midsection. He hits a clothesline and a trio of back elbows, then goes for a pin but Fowler kicks out.

Anderson and Reid tag in. Reid hits a series of forearms before Fowler tags back in. Fowler takes him down before Schism hugs one another. Reid tags back in and delivers a stomp to Anderson. He hits a series of lefts to his head before Anderson fires back with a few of his own. He delivers an uppercut, then tags in Grimes. Grimes hits a high crossbody, then goes for a pin but Reid kicks out.

Back from the break, Gacy tags in and delivers several right hands to Grimes. He hits a pair of kicks, then delivers a few lariats in the corner. Grimes fights back with several right hands to Gacy's midsection, then levels him with a modified powerslam.

Grimes makes the hot tag to Gallows as Fowler tags in. Gallows hits several right hands, a back elbow and a few kicks. He tags in Anderson and the pair look for Magic Killer, but Reid saves Fowler. Reid tags in and delivers an enziguri. Anderson hits a vicious spinebuster, then tags in Gallows. The two deliver Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: Cameron Grimes and The O.C.

We head backstage to Veer Mahaan and McKenzie Mitchell. Mahaan says everyone wants to know everyone's business, but the world will not get an answer as to what he whispered into Sanga's ear. He says it was just for Sanga. Sanga walks in and says he's "ready to listen."

We head to a video hyping up Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons ahead of their match for the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Titles next week. We then see the four women in a conference room. Lyons signs the contract for the match and says this is the opportunity they've been wanting before Stark signs and says they'll show them what a real team looks like. Chance and Carter sign, and say that they're the better team and will win next week.

Back from the break, Vic Joseph throws it to a satellite interview between Julius Creed and Damon Kemp ahead of their Ambulance Match at Halloween Havoc.

Creed says his brother's career will be on the line and he will do anything to watch over him and protect him. He says he will use his nerves to crush Kemp. Kemp asks if he's done whining and says that he's jealous of him before Creed says he has nothing to show for the time he's been in "NXT" because he's not disciplined. Creed says he's more vicious and violent than him and says he's been better than him his entire career. He says Kemp peaked in high school. Kemp asks Creed what his excuse will be when he beats him and Creed says that there will be no remorse or sympathy, then walks off. He says Brutus will be standing in the unemployment line come Saturday.

We head to Alicia Taylor in the ring and she introduces the host of Halloween Havoc...Shotzi! Shotzi grabs a mic and says if there is one WWE superstar that screams Halloween, it's her. She says she hosted Halloween Havoc in 2020 and this Saturday, they will go balls to the walls. She says the final piece of her costume will come this Friday when her and Raquel Rodriguez become new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

Xyon Quinn's music hits and he heads to the ring. He offers to be her co-host and pleads his case. Quincy Elliott then heads to the ring and pleads his own case to be co-host. Shotzi then tells the two to fight it out to determine who her co-host will be and they agree. Elliott then knocks Quinn out of the ring.

Quincy Elliott vs. Xyon Quinn To Determine Who Will Co-Host Halloween Havoc With Shotzi

Back from the break, Quinn hits a back elbow on Elliott, followed by a clothesline. He goes for a pin, but Elliott kicks out. Elliott hits a few right hands, followed by a pair of shoulder tackles and a back elbow. Quinn gets Elliott up on his shoulders, but Elliott escapes and looks for a splash. Quinn rolls out of the way to the outside and encounters Hank Walker. Elliott delivers a splash to his back, then hits the Diva Drop for the win.

Winner: Quincy Elliott

We then head to a video of Chase U in class. Thea Hail is beating herself up over losing to Kiana James last week and Bodhi Hayward says Andre Chase can get her another match with James. Chase then gives a history lesson about Halloween Havoc and pokes some fun at it. Chucky then appears on the television and calls Chase U "the Mickey Mouse Club." Hayward gets into a verbal exchange with Chucky and Chucky says he will slash his face.

Raquel Rodriguez heads to the ring, followed by Cora Jade.

We head to a contract signing between Pretty Deadly and Edris Enofe and Malik Blade ahead of their "NXT" Tag Team Championship match next week. Pretty Deadly say they were impressed by them, but it takes a lot to yank their belts away from them. Enofe and Malik say that they got together to show the world what they can do and will take the belts off their hands.

Cora Jade vs. Raquel Rodriguez

The bell rings and Jade kicks Rodriguez in her midsection. Rodriguez sends Jade into the middle turnbuckle before the pair spill to the outside. Jade repeatedly stomps Rodriguez, then fires off several right hands and a stomp to her back. Rodriguez fires back with a clothesline before Jade hits Rodriguez with her baseball bat. She looks to hit her, but Rodriguez grabs it out of her hand and unloads on Jade.

Winner: Cora Jade (via disqualification)

After the match, Perez attacks Jade from behind. She kicks her in the back before Jade escapes and retreats.

Commentary then run down the Halloween Havoc card. 

Kevin Owens music hits and he heads to the ring. 

Back from the break, we head to a poker game backstage. The talent gather around a television to watch The Kevin Owens Show as Bron Breakker heads to the ring, with Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh already sitting with Owens.

Kevin Owens Sits Down With Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh on The KO Show

Owens welcomes fans to The KO Show and says Shawn Michaels called him to ask if he could be here and he wasn't going to tell him no. Owens says he's there to keep the peace and not wreak havoc. He says he doesn't like his odds because someone in the ring has been stirring the pot and getting into the heads of everyone: JD McDonagh. He asks McDonagh what his deal is and McDonagh says Owens can call him whatever he want because he will soon be called the new "NXT" Champion. He says that Breakker and Dragunov have been the ones to get physical with one another. Dragunov says he was aiming for McDonagh, but hitting him wasn't a mistake. He says he realized in that moment that Breakker was human and recognized he was beatable. He tells Breakker he will beat him again to win the title that should have been his in the first place. Breakker says that will happen over his dead body. He says no one has been able to keep Dragunov down, except for when he speared him last week. He says he can tell Dragunov wants his title back, but it's too damn bad for him.

Owens chimes in and says he sees what's going on. He says McDonagh is trying to get them to the point where they tear each other apart so he can walk in and win the title with ease. He says no one wants McDonagh as "NXT" Champion. McDonagh says he doesn't need anyone's approval to win the title and says he has thought of every way to torture Dragunov's soul. Dragunov says McDonagh will always be a contender, but not a champion. He says Breakker is talking a big game since he lost the "NXT" Championship in the last Triple Threat Match he was in.

Dragunov and Breakker square off. Owens says he tried and leaves the ring. Breakker and Dragunov begin to brawl as McDonagh watches on and smiles. Security try to tear them apart, but the two men take them down before Dragunov hits the Torpedo.

Austin Theory's music hits and he heads to the ring. He holds up his briefcase as the show goes off the air.