Al Snow Opens Up About Harrowing Experience Saving Child's Life

In a split second, a day at the beach can go from "a day of fun" to "a day of horror." That was nearly the case for a family in September 2021 had it not been for the heroics of Al Snow. "I was just in the right place at the right time and I believe anybody would've done the same thing," said Snow on "The A2theK Wrestling Show."


The situation occurred at Santa Rosa Beach in Destin, FL. Snow heard someone yelling for help and when he looked around, he saw a young boy being pummeled by waves while simultaneously being pulled out to sea by a rip current. "He was paddling trying to make it back to shore and it was as if a rope had been tied to his ankle as it was just pulling him out," he said. 

Though he had to make up quite a bit of distance, the WWE alumnus jumped into action and got to the boy in time. "Thank God I caught him," said Snow. "I mean I literally caught him by the wrist because I knew if I hadn't caught him at that point he was gone. He was going to be well past where anybody could've got to him." 

As Snow pulled the boy in, a rip current caught them as a wave came over the top. At that moment, Snow thought they were both going to be swept out. "Thank God I dug my feet in and was able to push forward out of the pool of the rip current," said Snow, who was able to pass the boy off to the lifeguard.


Though they were okay, Snow admits things got dicey. "My butthole pinched shut for a brief moment, that's for sure," he said.

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