Will Ospreay Opens Up About Struggling To Read And Write Because Of Dyslexia

Will Ospreay recently opened up about his difficulty reading and writing due to dyslexia, and his efforts to improve his promo work as a result.

In an interview this week, Ospreay, 29, told "The Commentary Booth" podcast that he's recently been trying to read and write more during his down time traveling between shows.


"A majority of time I do sleep [while traveling], but obviously when you are awake the best thing to do is to watch film," he said. "Quite frankly, recently now I've been trying to read better, a little bit, because my reading's never been up to par. Well, it's more of writing. My reading and writing have been very poor for a lot of the times I was extremely dyslexic. I'm not very good at spelling, I'm not very good at writing, so I've really been trying hard to do that."

Ospreay previously opened up about ADHD and dyslexia on the "WRESTHINGS" podcast when he said his dyslexia was impacting him to the point where he required someone to read his contracts. He told "The Commentary Booth" he's been working to improve his reading and writing skills, which he hopes can help him in conversation, on social media, and on the microphone.


"I've mastered the art of what happens inside the ring" he said. "The place that I have lacked for the majority of my career is talking." 

Ospreay also said that "outside of wrestling, life has changed a little bit" and he's "in a position where now I want to try and better myself and be the best version of myself that I physically can."

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