WWE Hall Of Famer Says CM Punk 'Lifted People's Games'

CM Punk might be in the news right now for controversial reasons, but Mick Foley had only kind words for him on the latest episode of "Foley Is Pod."

The episode centered around Foley's return to WWE in 2012, and at one point, the Hardcore Legend recalled teaching wrestlers like Becky Lynch how to handle promo suggestions from WWE writers, massaging cript in such a way that the writer still saw it as their own work, despite being completely different.

"That's not how Punk did things," Foley said. "Punk would crumple up a paper, throw it down."

Foley later recalled an in-ring segment he had with Punk, who was initially directed to say that Foley resembled a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

"[Punk] looks at the guy and goes, 'This is Mick Foley. He's one of the best wrestlers of all time. We know he's heavy, I'm not gonna go there, that's cheap heat,'" Foley said.

At the time, Foley admitted that he was having memory problems and was hoping to rely on Paul Heyman to help him out in the segment, which involved Punk and Heyman disparaging Jerry Lawler before Foley came out to defend him. Foley kept it simple, exclaiming that they were running down a man who had briefly been dead, and Foley felt right back in the groove.

"In large part because of Punk, I start to regain my sense of confidence in my ability to cut promos," he said. His co-host, Conrad Thompson, noted he was appreciative of someone saying something positive things about Punk.

"It's not in fashion right now, but you need to point out the fact that he lifted people's games in ways you wouldn't expect," Foley said.